Website design, various ready to professional website design plans

Website design, various ready to professional website design plans

At itroz, we introduce you various plans for website design, such as buying a ready-made website, cheap website design, 

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At itroz, we introduce you various plans for website design , from downloading a ready-made website for free to buying a ready-made professional website, cheap website design, custom website design or website customization and exclusive website design so that you can design at any price. Do the site . In today's world, website design is an important part of business. Itrouz believes that every business should be able to launch its website and do its business online with any budget, so we will introduce you various plans so that you can launch your website with the desired budget.

Why ready to professional website design

Itroz Digital Agency is a specialist in implementing and expanding businesses in cyberspace through website design , online store design, digital marketing, site optimization and application design. Iteroz experts offer you the best methods for implementing business in the virtual space. By following the Iteroz Academy , you can receive excellent methods and information in the field of internet marketing, website design and SEO for free. If you are interested in studying the above categories, stay with Itroz Academy.

Also, by following our social networks, you can see short and practical content from the world of technology on a daily basis and stay with the digital world of Itros. But in this article, we are going to introduce our achievements and services in the field of website design to you, so stay with us.

Itroz's mission in website design

As it was said, the mission of Itroz is to bring traditional businesses online, and we believe that every business with any financial ability can design its own website and do its business online.

Today, online business provides excellent platforms for businesses that were not possible in the past. In the past, introducing a business had to be done locally and it was very difficult to introduce a business. Designing office papers and distributing them by being present in different places was and still is one of the traditional ways to introduce a business, but it has faded in recent years.

Examining old methods of advertising

For example, in the past years, one of the most popular ways to introduce business was advertising in specialized or local magazines, which over time gave way to online directories or advertisements in newspapers, which gave way to ads on websites. It became valid and faded over time.

One of the methods that is still used today is attending prestigious exhibitions, which involves a lot of costs for companies, and unfortunately, start-up companies cannot participate in them because of the high costs or environmental advertising methods that All these methods are limited to a certain region and sector.

Website design potential

However, website design and using the potential of virtual space is not limited to a specific region and can be seen wherever people can use the internet, especially today, when the internet and smartphones are available in most areas, people's access to virtual space is more than ever. Make it easy, you just need to want to use the potential of virtual space. Iteroz digital agency, the leader in implementing and expanding businesses in the virtual space, can introduce many solutions for different businesses, but in this article we will talk about website design, so stay with Iteroz Academy.

Advantages of website design

Before we get into the topic of website design, I will review the advantages of website design . By going online, you can reduce your basic expenses such as office rent, but how?

Previously, in order to attract customers, it was necessary to take offices in high-traffic places and good parts of the city. In the not-so-distant past, the location of the office indicated the age, strength and credibility of that business, and the clients paid attention to all these things because the first encounter with That business was to view their office, but with the online businesses, the customers' perspective changed, and the power fell into the hands of website design.

The impact of website design on business

For example, today, instead of paying for office rent in the best parts of the city, business owners try to make their website perfect because the first encounter of the customer is through the website, and its appearance can have an impact on the customer's mentality. If the service is available to the customer in a completely professional and beautiful way, the customer's mentality of that business will be excellent and they will trust it because the website is the showcase of your business in today's world.

We have clients in Iteros who don't have great offices, but they have spent part of the cost on website design, and their referrals are more likely to go to businesses that are located in good locations.

One day I was talking to one of the customers who said that I rented a shop in one of the famous passages of Tehran, but I did not pay attention to online business, and the sales of my friends who are in less famous streets of Tehran and paid attention to online business are much less. And he was very sorry for what he had done because this is the truth.

Do not miss opportunities

In today's world, it doesn't matter where you are, because today it is not important to visit in person like in the past, and the importance is what you do or the services you provide, and in general, how you do your marketing. All these things start with website design and can be expanded day by day.

Website design with Iteros various website design plans

The next point is not to be limited in providing services and introducing products, through the website you can introduce your services all over the country without wanting to be present in your office or send your administrative papers like a catalog to the customer, you just need to get information. And your work on your site is complete.

Another advantage of website design is 24-hour access to it, the customer can enter your website at any time and get the necessary information, without time and place restrictions, you can easily introduce your services and products. sell

Another possibility is online payment methods that you can sell and issue invoices without the need for human resources. All these things can be done through the system. The mentioned items are only part of the advantages of website design.

Various ready to professional website design plans

Website design in Itrooz starts from low prices because we have provided different platforms for those who want to buy a website and also we get paid according to the time spent for you. Iteros website design plans are very diverse and anyone with any budget can do their business online. In the following, we will introduce the design plans of Itroz website.

Free ready site

The first site plan is ready for free , we introduce the best WordPress content management system templates, which is one of the most powerful CMS in the world, in the Itrouz store, and you can easily preview them and download them. Even as a group, you can download several templates for free at the same time. Among the services that are provided on the ready free site , the introduction of the best free templates by different categories of corporate, personal, store, etc. are also introduced by the best templates of the year and you can download them for free in the Itrouz store.

Since the Iteroz website design team is an expert in this field, we choose the best ready-made free templates for you, and after checking and providing information about that template, we will put them in the Iteroz store for you to use. We introduce you the best free templates and you don't pay any amount to use them and you can download them for free.

Other contents of the academy:

To use the ready-made free site, you need to have a domain and host on the Internet and have installed the WordPress content management system, in this case you can upload the desired template in your WordPress. All versions of ready sites are updated for free and you use their latest version. You can even update it through the WordPress control panel.

If the WordPress content management system is installed on your host, but you don't know how to install the template, you can select the option to receive the template along with the installation from the selection section, so that after completing the order, our experts will install the desired template on your WordPress. do In this way, you can set up your site for free or at a small cost.

In this section, if you are familiar with the WordPress management panel, you can create your own pages, such as the main page, about us, contact us, services, etc., but if you are not familiar with the WordPress management panel, you can prepare the WordPress management panel training.

WordPress admin panel tutorial

In the training of the WordPress management panel, all parts of WordPress are comprehensively explained. This tutorial is in video format and the sound and image quality is good. To see the training topics and more information, read the WordPress management panel training article.

The first cost-effective and economical solution of Itroz for website design is to use a ready-made site and learn the WordPress management panel, but the next solution for designing a website is to buy a professional ready-made website, which we will explain below.

Buy a ready-made professional site

In buying a ready-made professional site like a free ready-made site, the best WordPress content management system templates for you in the Itrouz store by different categories such as store, corporate, personal and uncategorized, so you can easily choose the template you want. Read its information. Complete information about the features of the template is provided. By reading it, you can choose the best template according to your taste.

One of the advantages of buying a ready-made professional site is the Persian preview. On the free ready-made site, only the English preview is available, but when you buy a ready-made professional site, you can see its English and Farsi preview. Persian preview allows you to see exactly how your Persian site looks like. The ready-made professional site is selected from the best templates in the world and we introduce the best ones in the Itrooz Academy, and you can see the same template in the store and buy it after checking the academy.

Buying ready-made professional sites from the best formats in the world, we have Persianized them and made them available to you for purchase at a low cost. To buy a ready-made professional site, you need to have a domain and a host, and the WordPress content management system must be installed on the host so that you can install it on the WordPress content management system after buying a ready-made professional site.

Advantages of ready site crawling

The ready-made professional templates use different plugins because of the many features they provide, so after buying a ready-made professional site, you need to install its plugins to benefit from all its features. If you cannot install the template, by selecting the option to receive the template along with the installation, after completing the order, Iteros experts will install the template you want on the WordPress content management system at an additional cost.

Other contents of the academy:

The cost of this method is higher than the previous method, but the facilities you get are also increased compared to the previous plan. One of the advantages of buying a ready-made and professional website is to download its Persian demo version.

Is there not English available in the free Persian preview version of the site, you need to design the different parts of the site yourself from the beginning, but in the purchase of the professional ready site, the Persian and English preview versions are available to you and through it you can enter your information with Replace existing information or delete them.

Finally, the Farsi and English preview helps you have a better understanding of the structure of the template because the professional ready site template is more complex than the free site and the preview version helps to load information more easily.

The advantage of buying a ready-made site

Another advantage of buying a ready-made professional site is its appearance. The appearance of professional templates is much more beautiful than free templates and they provide you with more possibilities so that you can design the website according to your taste. In this plan, like the previous plan, if you don't have the necessary familiarity with the WordPress control panel, you can use the WordPress management panel training provided by the digital agency Itrooz, but please note that in this training, only the main parts of the WordPress control panel are taught.

And the template management section is not available in this tutorial because the management control panel of each template is different and the plugins used in each template are different, for this reason it is not possible to prepare a reference tutorial for all templates and after buying a professional ready site or Preparation of WordPress control panel training, in order to use all the features of the site, you need to be familiar with the template management panel and use it. Our experts will transfer.

Another advantage of buying a ready-made professional website is to prepare a high-quality website at a low cost. Persianized format is included with its demo version and will not have any other responsibility in this field.

Cheap website design

Another extremely cost-effective and economical plan is cheap website design . The difference between the plan and the previous plans is that in this plan, if you don't have a domain or host, you can register it when you order. This is a great advantage for those people who want to register at a low cost and without knowledge. Domain, hosting and information about WordPress to set up your website. In cheap website design, you only need to choose the template you want and enter its name in the order section. Also, in the order section, you can register a new domain, or if you have a domain, use that domain.

Cheap website design features

In cheap website design, all the work is done by experts and you only need to choose the template you want and order it after completing the ordering process of your website information, including information on the home page, about us page, services or products as well as Send our contact information to the experts through a ticket.

Please note that the amount of information is in accordance with the preview of the template, and if your information is more than that, for example, you want to introduce your services on several pages or add other information to the website, that additional information will be provided by experts. Iteroz will inform you of the cost estimate of the cost of additional information, otherwise, you can view your information by Iteroz experts in the selected format after uploading only by paying the cost of cheap website design.

Cheap website design

The duration of the project after ordering and sending complete information is 72 hours. This plan is perfect for people who want to set up a website at a low cost and complete their website on a domain with complete information.

Cheap website design features

Another possibility that is available in cheap website design is the virtual training of the control panel of the website. From ordering a cheap website design and choosing the option of virtual training within a specified hour after the completion and delivery of the project anywhere in the world within a specified period of time online with the training instructor in the management panel and press, and the instructor after connecting to your system and enter the site management panel to teach you its different parts at the same time.

The mechanism of this training is exactly the same as the face-to-face training of the WordPress management panel, and the whole section is taught online and live by your system, and during the training, you can ask your questions to the relevant instructor. In the future, you will be able to edit, delete and create website content and images.

Therefore, after ordering a cheap website design and choosing the desired template along with ordering the necessary facilities such as domain registration, our virtual training will load your website on the powerful Itros hosts and deliver it to you with complete information so that you can finally You can manage and use your website for a small fee.

Custom website design

In the custom website design plan , you can choose the desired template from the store, or if the desired website is not available, send us its link and it will be reviewed by experts. The advantage of this plan compared to the previous plans is the customization of the template. In the previous plans, the template features were used, but in this plan, we code the desired sections and change the appearance of the different parts of the website through coding or As the famous saying goes, we customize the website according to your taste.

But what does customizing a website mean? Customizing the website or designing a custom website means changes in the website format through coding in the parts that cannot be changed through the control panel of the website template . Designs according to your taste.

Therefore, in custom website design, you can choose the desired format, the general of which is according to your taste, and its details can be changed by the Iteroz website design team. These changes can be in the appearance of the website, such as the coding of various sections and its graphics, such as the design of the slide and banner sections, etc.

Site customization

If needed, the Iteroz programming team can write a plugin specifically for you. For example, one of the websites implemented by Iteroz is the Mediagold store website, which can be seen in the portfolio section. The Media Gold store sells gold and jewelry, and due to the high volatility of gold and jewelry and the presence of many products on the website, it is not possible to use conventional methods for pricing, but the digital marketing team of Itros must find a way for this issue. did

But finally, we have specially designed the plugin for the Media Gold store, so that by entering the daily price of gold, all the prices of the products on the website can be automatically updated, so that there is no need for the price of each product. Or in another project, the employer needed to display the active users on the website through a graph on the first page, so a plugin was written by Itroz to display the profile image of the active users along with their country's flag and their percentage on the home page through a beautiful graphic diagram. . Therefore, if needed in designing a custom website, a custom plugin can also be prepared according to the client's request.

Other contents of the academy:

Because coding is required in custom website design and the cost of the website is estimated according to coding, to know the completion of the project before each upload on the domain, you can provide it in a private link that is only available to you. It will take to see the completion of the project process and through that link you can view the progress of your project at any time. After the completion and approval of the project, the website will be uploaded to the domain.

This plan is specific to businesses for whom the website is more important than the previous plans, and such people ask many questions about how to design and implement the website, so you can ask your questions through the online chat on the main page of the website. and also through WhatsApp and Telegram messengers. After examining your needs and wishes, the best methods and solutions will be provided by Itroz experts.

This plan is very useful for individuals or companies for whom the website is important and they can order and receive a website according to their brand's taste and visual identity. For more information, be in touch with Itroz experts.

Exclusive website design

Designing a dedicated website for individuals and companies is very important and they want the site to be profitable and can be optimized in addition to the beautiful appearance of the website, or in other words, they want to get a ranking in Google along with the beauty of the website and compete with their competitors in Compete in virtual space. Such websites have more attention than the previous plans and they should be given great importance in designing the website. Therefore, the design method in the dedicated website design plan is completely different from the previous plans. In designing a dedicated website, the needs, tastes and required facilities are fully checked and then the landing page is designed graphically.

After designing the main page of the site, the design is checked by the employer and changes are applied. After the final approval, the desired design is coded and after coding, it is programmed for the WordPress content management system. The duration of the project is longer than the previous plans, because in the design of the exclusive website, the template is designed from scratch, but in the previous plans, there was a template and only customization was done, but in this plan, the template is designed and coded. During the completion of the project, you can view its completion process through the provided link, and finally, after completing and debugging the template and uploading the content and images of the project, it will be released on the main domain.

If a host or server is needed for the project, or information related to digital marketing, branding is needed, we will fully answer your questions in detail during the project review sessions.

One of the advantages of designing a dedicated website

One of the advantages of custom website design compared to custom website design is its speed. In designing a dedicated website, all the codes are written according to the website format, and as much as possible, unnecessary plugins are avoided and the required features are coded and programmed. This work is very effective in website loading speed and one of the important factors in website design is its speed.

which can have a direct impact on the application, the higher the speed of the site, the more interested the user is in visiting its various parts, and the lower the speed of the site, the less interested the user is in visiting its various parts and only in Some items are quickly removed from the website. Therefore, the speed of the website is very important, and you will have the fastest speed if you use the WordPress content management system through a dedicated website design.

In the custom design site, they are customized because of ready-made professional templates and ready-made professional templates are designed for different tastes, for example, the header of the website changes to several designs, and the footer of the website is also changed in the same way, and this causes More coding and programming has been applied in the template, this will reduce the speed of the website.

The only way to increase custom websites is to use website optimization plugins and changes in its coding, and their speed cannot be increased as much as a dedicated website design. To compete in the virtual space, designing a dedicated website is a very suitable option and the most professional plan in website design is through the WordPress content management system.

Site management panel training

Web site content management panel training is offered in two ways in person in Tehran and virtual all over the world. After training the site management panel, you can easily manage it, create new sections and edit or delete previous sections. The design of the exclusive website is done through modern technologies and its coding is in accordance with modern and standard codes.

You can see the portfolio of exclusive website design projects from the portfolio section and to get more information, contact us online through the contact page or through WhatsApp and Telegram of Itroz experts.

Website programming

Website programming is effective for those who want to virtualize their idea or want to design a website with special features that does not exist, so we can program it.

In some programming projects, it is not possible to use the WordPress content management system and it is necessary to use existing frameworks because the core of WordPress, as the name suggests, is designed for the content management system, although it can be used through plugins. It added many features, but in some cases, it is necessary to use formwork to design specific websites . Iteros Digital Agency performs site programming through the most powerful PHP framework called Laravel, which is one of the most secure frameworks and has an excellent structure.

Laravel is a framework that has been introduced in the last few years and provides great progress and great features to programmers who can design web applications or websites with special features.

Dedicated website design with programming

We can design the website in the form of a single page in the case of having a user panel, which means that when the user visits different parts of the panel, the page will display the user's desired information without refreshing. It increases the user's use of the site tremendously. If the website programming is done in a principled way and the user interface design is done according to the world's standards, you can see the best speed of the website, it cannot be compared with the exclusive and customized design site and previous plans

In website programming, the proposal is fully reviewed and the necessary solutions are provided by it. After confirming the structure of the website and preparing the roadmap, the graphic appearance of the website is designed according to the tastes and visual identity of the brand, and after the approval of the user interface, coding is done. Finally, programming is integrated with the user interface. After the final review, the trial version is uploaded and after re-checking and debugging, it is uploaded to the main domain.

Website management panel training

The training of the website management panel, like the previous methods, is carried out in both virtual and face-to-face ways in Tehran, and the duration of the training depends on the facilities of the website management panel. To get more information on how to program software on the web, as well as the website, you can contact us, Iteros experts, through online chat, WhatsApp and Telegram through the contact page.

So far, all the services of the Itrooz Digital Agency in the field of website design have been provided to you, except for the design of the online store, which is explained in the e-commerce section. You can share your opinions with us and Iteros users in the comments section, we will be very happy to hear your opinions.

Summary of site design plans

However, in summing up the said content, each of these plans has its own advantages and benefits, but the number of Itroz plans is due to the provision of services according to the customer's needs. Some customers do not need a custom website design or their business. It does not require a dedicated website design, so they should be able to choose the website they need and order it, and finally pay for the website they need.

In the mentioned plans, as you have noticed, the prices start from cheap, so it is important for us that you pay according to your needs, and we also pay the cost of receiving this method for the customer according to the time spent. It was economical for the presenter.

Therefore, we give you this guarantee that we will pay according to your needs, and you can also ask your questions to our experts so that the best solutions are provided for you.

Website design price

Many users ask us about the price of website design, that's why we want to discuss the price of website design in this article.

The price of website design is divided into different parts, which we initially divide into two parts, web services and website design. Web services include domain registration, which include IR domains, which are the cheapest in domain registration, international domains such as .com, etc., each of which has its own meaning and price, and nowadays their prices fluctuate with the dollar. decreases or increases. For example, the ir domain specifies a country site.

It means that the domain is for the country of Iran and you will understand by the domain name that the services provided are from the country of Iran. For example, the suffix ca is for Canada. de is for Germany and a country has its own unique extension. If you live in Canada, you can get a domain with a Canadian extension. Is it the same in other countries? The mother of the article What is domain has completely mentioned the concepts of extensions and you can read it if you are interested.

What is a domain?

But what is domain? The domain is the name of your website. Every website has a name. Basically, it is registered with the name of that brand or person, and after registering the domain, another person is not able to register that domain, that is, when you use the name of your brand, a domain with IR suffixes. or you register internationally, no one else can register it, and you are the owner of that domain until you renew it.

Even if you want to register a new domain, you must check if that domain can be registered and if someone else has not registered it, then you can register your domain, otherwise you must choose another name, other people have not registered it so that you can use it. register From the web services, we can refer to the host. The host is the host of your information in the virtual space and for the constant access of users to the information of the files and the so-called source of the site, it is placed on the host.

What is a host?

Hosts are different in terms of hardware and software quality, which we offer the best at Iteros.

The hosting spaces are different and you can determine the space according to your needs, it affects its price. To host information, other methods can be used besides buying a host, such as virtual servers and cloud systems, which are chosen according to your needs.

Other contents of the academy:

Iteroz experts will guide you in the field of hosting during the website design stage, so don't worry if you don't have any information in this field. To get more information about hosting, you can read the article What is hosting .

Now we want to talk about the price of website design. The price of website design is not a single price, and in some cases, such as buying a ready-made professional website, a specific price can be set for it, otherwise, the price of website design is required after checking the desired facilities and your needs for website implementation and The correct understanding of your request will ultimately determine the price of the design site.

If the price of website design is announced without expertise, it is an unrealistic price. It is only possible to announce the price of the website without checking when the template is ready, otherwise, the price will be estimated for coding and programming according to your needs.

Cost Estimation

According to the time it spends on your project and according to your wishes and needs, after understanding the project and all the necessary information, itroz digital agency will announce its expert price. You can check the website design price through Contact us page. Get in touch with the experts through Telegram and WhatsApp so that they will answer you quickly after checking, or you can ask your questions through online chat. We are trying to provide you with quick access to your questions and price inquiries by providing various facilities, which are available in the contact section.

Design site in different countries

Itroz Digital Agency, a provider of website design services, digital marketing , online store, and application services mentioned above, is proud to offer its services in different countries. Site Design provides the best solutions in the following countries.

  • Design site in Canada
  • Design site in America
  • Design site in Germany
  • Design site in England
  • Design site in Türkiye

Itrouz Digital Agency provides the most complete website design plans in Iran and is ready to cooperate with loved ones abroad. You can submit your request to our experts so that the best way of working will be announced to you. Itrouz international sales team will review and implement your requests with full knowledge of the laws and regulations outside of Iran. To receive more information and consult with experts, contact us through the contact section.

Website design in different cities of Iran

Wherever you are in our beloved country of Iran, you can submit your request. Itroz website design plans are designed in such a way that you can use them or submit your request wherever you are in Iran or the world.

Some of the website design plans are very clear and do not need any special explanations, and you can easily use them for free and for money. We mean using ready-made free and professional website plans.

You can easily choose the website you want and order it. If you only want to prepare the template, after placing the order online, you can receive the ordered template instantly. Itrouz website design services are for the following cities and different parts of Iran.

  • Website design in Tehran
  • Website design in Karaj
  • Website design in Isfahan
  • Website design in Shiraz
  • Website design in Bushehr
  • Website design in Ahvaz

Cheap website design services, customized and exclusive website design can be done for different cities of Iran. You can submit your request to the Itroz experts by contacting us.

Website design for various trades

Extensive coverage of website design for various trades from zero to one hundred and projects inside Iran and abroad with more than a hundred ready-made professional templates in various categories such as corporate, store, housing agency, medical, sports, restaurant and cafe, news , personal and... can be ordered. These templates are selected from the best templates in the world and can be loaded and delivered quickly.

You can visit the desired category according to your class and view the websites specific to that class. After choosing the template, you can order it. When ordering, enter the name of the desired template and complete the order. After that, the desired information such as home page, about us, contact us, services and products will be replaced by your information like the demo seen.

If more information is provided, the information will be uploaded on the website at a separate cost.

Know more

If you are interested in website design, continue with Itroz Academy

History of website design

The first article that was published in the Asus Academy is called What is a website , in this article the necessary explanations regarding the website and its founder are provided, and in this article we want to explain a part of it for those interested.

Tim Bernersley was the first person to put his first website on the Internet in 1991, his website consisted of HTML pages linked together. Tim Bernersley's website can be called the world's first static website or the world's simplest static website. At that time, all the codes and features of the page were created through html coding. After the passage of time, the features of the page were separated from the html codes and standardized under the name of css with modern patterns.

Other related content:

After that, with the progress of the Internet, dynamic websites came into the field and made it possible for website managers without the knowledge of website design to be able to manage it, and until today, the structure of all websites is divided into two parts: static and dynamic websites. It is divided, but each of them had a lot of great improvements, we will talk about this completely in a separate article.

The technologies used in Iteros Digital Agency

Iteros digital agency website design is done in two forms: static website design and dynamic website design . To know the difference between static and dynamic website design, you can read its article. In static site design, we use up-to-date technologies in the front-end part, some of which include HTML coding, CSS coding, JavaScript programming, jQuery library , Bootstrap framework, and framework. ViewJS is used.

Backend design

PHP programming , Laravel framework is used in the design of the website in the back-end part, and finally, the WordPress content management system is used to implement the website, which is one of the strongest content management systems in the world. Powerful free and commercial plugins in this famous content management system have been among the developers of this system and the name of Itroz is also on the WordPress site.

We provide complete services from zero to one hundred WordPress content management systems, from website design to plugin writing for WordPress content management systems. The services of Iteros Digital Agency are not limited to website design and also operate in other fields such as e-commerce, digital marketing and application design. Each of these services has a subset such as online store design and SEO. For more information about our services, you can view the services section through the menu.

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