itroz Digital Agency rules and regulations for using all services.

  1. Buyer's identity: The buyer is a real or legal individual whose details are available in the user panel and in the Iteroz user database, and the purchased services are managed under his account.
  2. Identity: The idea of ​​day trading with the brand "Itroz" has a trust symbol from the e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade and an official license from the Ministry of Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the website address, which is the executive in this agreement. It is called
  3. The legal representative of the buyer is a person who is introduced by the buyer and is legally responsible for the buyer in Itroz.
  4. All the information of the services is confidential and provided to the buyer or its legal representative, and itroz is not responsible for maintaining it.
  5. The buyer acknowledges that all the provided identity information and addresses, contact numbers and the like are correct and always tries to keep them updated in the user panel. Itroz has the right to receive a copy of the original information from the buyer whenever it needs to control this information. Itrouz has the right to complete correct and documented information before suspending the service.
  6. In order to protect the legal rights of the buyers, all buyers are required to submit their identity information, including a copy of birth certificate, a copy of the national card for real persons, and a request for a legal entity, along with a copy of the official gazette of the latest changes, to Itroz. If Etroz does not receive and control these documents during the completion of the purchase process and in order to facilitate and speed things up, after that the right to receive these documents is always reserved for Etroz and if the documents are not submitted to Etroz in the stipulated time, the ownership rights of the buyer will be forfeited. It is considered to be canceled and the consequences of incorrect information will be directly borne by the buyer. Itroz is not responsible for checking the authenticity of signatures of buyers and their representatives.
  7. Ownership of the service and all responsibilities and rights related to it are the sole responsibility of the buyer or the buyer's representative.
  8. If, at the customer's request, in order to reduce the cost or improve the quality of maintenance and extension services, instead of the customer's profile, the profile of the service provider Iteros is registered, the ownership and all legal rights and responsibilities will still be the responsibility of the buyer.
  9. The complete list of services that can be provided along with the features, limitations and prices is available on the comparison page of the plans and the buyer is obliged to order the plan knowing that.
  10. Itroz is not responsible for the consequences and damages caused to the buyer who has not informed Itroz of his changed contact information through valid means.
  11. Delivery of services: providing the ID or password to use the purchased services or announcing the performance of other services based on the invoice or contract between the buyer and Itroz.
  12. Service: Each of the registration, software, technical and communication services can be provided by Itrouz.
  13. The service recipient is obliged to use his real name and surname (in Persian characters) and full and accurate details and address during registration, as well as transferring and delegating his rights and obligations to a person or natural and legal persons without obtaining official consent. Pars Pack Company is not authorized and reserves the right to suspend or cancel the contract for the service provider if they do not fulfill the obligations stated in the purchase rules.
  14. The service recipient undertakes not to spam, not to promote any of his sites and services and customers through spam (unsolicited mail) and not to enable spam to third parties. The service provider undertakes that the provided IPs are not in any of the valid blacklists, and otherwise take appropriate measures to remove the IPs from the respective blacklists. Accordingly, the service provider has no obligation regarding the spamming of emails in Yahoo and its unnecessary strictures, and in this regard, the client does not have any right to terminate the contract.
  15. Spam: Sending an email to a person without the recipient asking for it.
  16. The service recipient undertakes not to use the rented services for the publication and reproduction, sale and illegal distribution of software, music, writings, movies, serials, reports and any files belonging to Iranian or foreign persons or companies, without their permission, and all copyright laws comply with the international rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO). In case of objection by the person or company with rights and the client does not have enough documents, the service provider will be able to remove the claimed contents from the rented server or cut off access to the service at the request of the person or company with rights. Due to the importance of the issue, it can lead to the end of the service without refunding the remaining period. Also, the client undertakes not to use any of the P2P software such as torrent and emule to download or upload files that violate copyright laws, otherwise Parspack may block the relevant server in such circumstances. No refund will be made.
  17. All support services can only be provided through the ticketing system available on the Itrooz website, and the use of these services by the client requires compliance with the provisions of the support system guide. Also, the client undertakes to pay the amount of the invoice received for every hour of technical support that is outside the service provider's obligations, such as software troubleshooting, software installation assistance, virus and security problem solving, before performing the support services.
  18. The customer undertakes not to use their services for intrusion, disruption, sabotage and illegal acquisition of information on the Internet in any way and to install any network monitoring and surfing tool without prior approval from the service provider. Do not install on your servers.
  19. The service recipient undertakes to comply with the current laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran in using the provided services. Obviously, all responsibilities resulting from unauthorized use will be the responsibility of the service recipient.
  20. The service provider will not be held responsible for any loss of data for any reason.
  21. If the service IP used by the client is blocked for any reason as determined by the infrastructure company or ISPs in the country, the direct responsibility is on the user and Parspack has no obligation to change the IP or return the fee.
  22. All correspondence between the service provider and the client is confidential, in the case of observing any issue contrary to the official position of the company, the responsibility lies with the correspondent and the publisher of the correspondence. It should be noted that public or private publishing must be done with official permission from the service provider.
  23. Customer services are not discounted.
  24. Ownership changes: Service ownership changes are done through a written request from the buyer or his representative or by sending the said request via the email address available in the user account in the user panel.
  25. In order to protect the rights of its customers, Itrouz has the right to receive the identification documents of the applicant for the change of ownership in order to verify his identity and comply with the specifications of the owner of the service.
  26. Itroz can not take action to change the ownership of a service until it has found enough information about suspicious cases.
  27. After the payment of the order amount by the buyer, when the purchased service is ready to be delivered, the buyer will be notified through the email listed in the profile or the service sheet. The buyer's lack of access to the desired email address does not prevent the delivery of the service.
  28. After registering the domain and host, in case of providing the ID and password of the control panel or transferring it to the buyer, due to depriving the possibility of supervision from Iteroz, Iteroz will not have any responsibility for that domain and host, and in Iteroz plans, it constitutes a voiding of the warranty. ..
  29. If the host is changed by the employer before the delivery of the site, online store or application design, the approval of the site on the Iteroz online design center is the final approval of the design, and Iteroz will not be responsible for the implementation of the site on that host.
  30. Regarding the registration of ir domains, which should be confirmed and activated by the Research Institute of Basic Knowledge, considering that in general, Itroz has no control over the time of domain approval, and also due to defects in documents or specifications, the domain approval period may be extended. The time of the initial reservation of the domain is based on delivery.
  31. The time of the plans is according to the schedule of the plan comparison page, and the duration is based on working days.
  32. After placing the order, the buyer can cancel it for any reason within twenty-four hours, and the entire amount will be returned by Itroz. If the desired service is included with domain registration, the domain fee will be deducted from the total amount.
  33. The buyer undertakes to make his payment according to the dates listed in the invoice, otherwise Itroz has the possibility to cancel the service.
  34. The payment delay period is one month from the order registration.
  35. If the buyer has a debt, he is obliged to pay it and new services will not be provided.
  36. Iteroz is obliged to solve all the technical problems of the hosting if the hosting is approved, and this guarantee is guaranteed as long as the buyer's service is on Iteroz's host. Other problems, including changes in the user panel, etc., are not included in the warranty, and the consequences are the responsibility of the buyer.
  37. After placing the order, the buyer is obliged to prepare and send the requested information to Itroz within a certain period of time. If one month passes without sending information, the service will be canceled and the money paid will not be returned.
  38. The project completion time is calculated after sending the information, which is mentioned on the plan comparison page.
  39. If the account is not settled after setting up, the advance payment will not be received as a fee and will not be returned.
  40. Itroz services should be used for legal purposes. Transmitting, storing or publishing any information or data that is against any executive law or directly contributes to the violation of a specific law is prohibited. This can include the following (but is not limited to the following)
  41. If the account is not settled after the launch, all the items registered in the invoice, such as all Iteroz services (site design, application design, etc.), hosting and domain, will be considered part of Iteroz's assets.
  42. After a month has passed since the delivery of the service and the failure to settle the account, five percent of the total amount and 500,000 to 5,000,000 Rials for restarting will be charged for each day of delay in the settlement of the account.
  43. Itroz is only responsible for providing service in the field of purchase. Iteroz is not responsible for problems and other issues such as the buyer's internet connection and web programming and software installed by the buyer, and the domain registered with others.
  44. The criterion for service disruption is the report of the technical unit and a valid Tracer site that must be confirmed by Iteros.
  45. The services and general procedure of Itroz are defined based on international technical standards and materials and cannot be separated or changed for a specific buyer, and the buyer is obliged to carry out his necessary investigation before purchasing the service.
  46. Itroz is not responsible for the installation and operation of software that is not approved by the technical department.
  47. The maximum response time to tickets and support requests is 24 hours after registration. Requests and problems that need further investigation and follow-up will be answered within 7 days at most.
  48. The extension of an expired domain, if it is possible to extend, may have a delay penalty compared to the normal tariff, which is charged according to the rules of ICANN and the main registrar and Iteros rules.
  49. The documented date for the duration of the domain registration is the international whois.
  50. In case of a request to transfer a domain to a panel outside of Iteroz, you must send your request on the official letterhead and with the stamp and signature of the relevant official to Iteroz through the user panel.
  51. Since Etroz performs the domain registration and extension and transfer for the buyer as an intermediary, non-acceptance by international registrars or the Ir registrar will not be responsible for the domain registration or extension for any reason.
  52. Before registering the domain, the buyer is obliged to carry out the necessary investigation regarding the ownership rights of the domain, and in the event of a claim by a third party, the owner of the right confirmed by Itroz and the competent Iranian and international authorities, block that domain and according to the authority or laws between Al-Mullalli acts.
  53. Special agreements will be valid only in writing and with the authorized signature of Etroz, and agreements with personnel in writing or verbally or in any other form are invalid.
  54. The buyer is obliged to control the delivery, compliance and correct execution of the purchased service.
  55. Iteros will not be responsible for getting the lost domain or information deleted from the hosting servers after the contract is over.
  56. The buyer is responsible for informing about the expiration time of the service and controlling it. He will be reminded by e-mail the month before, and the buyer's lack of access to his e-mail will not create any responsibility for Itroz.
  57. The customer's credit status, list of services and payments are located in his user account in the users' portal, and he can always refer to it to know the status of his performance through his ID and password.
  58. The duration of service interruption due to non-payment of Etroz's claims, investigation of crimes, and expert diagnosis is not added to the duration of service.
  59. In general, the responsibility of preparing the backup copy of the data and files is with the buyers themselves, and all buyers must keep the backup of all the data they need in a place other than Iteroz's equipment and servers. In case of any problem and the inability to restore data from the backup archive, no objection will be heard, and Itroz has no responsibility in this regard, except for the services that include a guarantee and the conditions of the backup copy are specified in the invoice.
  60. The buyer is obliged to make his payment in cash or in the accounts declared in the user panel. In the conditions that Iteros accepts a timed check for the buyer's invoice in order to assist the buyer, if the check payment is not received, the buyer is obliged. On the due date, he should immediately deposit the money to the declared accounts and receive his check, otherwise, the cost of delay in receiving the documents, legal follow-up, transportation and other matters will be borne by the buyer. In addition to suspending the service, Etroz has the right to invalidate the purchase invoice for which part of the payment has not been received at the agreed time and to deduct the damages caused to Etroz and the cost of the service from it.
  61. Itroz will have the right to secure and collect all claims and crimes, late payment interest and other costs from the place of temporary or permanent interruption of all services and credits of the buyer, and in case the buyer does not immediately pay attention to the warning announced by Itroz. It waives the right of any subsequent protest. It should be noted that the period of interruption of service due to non-payment of the company's claims will not be added to the period of service, and all responsibilities arising from this type of interruption of service are the responsibility of the buyer.
  62. Itrouz has the right to terminate the service for which the buyer owes, or other services and previous purchases of the buyer, with a prior announcement and warning regarding the settlement of outstanding debts, and can, if he wishes, acquire some of them equal to the amount in the sales invoice (proportion for its validity period to the total service time) to deduct from the amount of debt (debt principal, crimes or damages caused to the company).
  63. Itroz is obliged to provide all the information related to the services to the employer in case of non-payment and the employer accepts the conditions of service delivery.
  64. Itroz is not responsible for failure to fulfill its obligations in cases of force majeure such as natural disasters, war, riots, social unrest, explosions, strikes, government restrictions and sanctions. However, if such cases occur, Itroz will try to reduce the effects of these cases. The occurrence of any force majeure will not cause the buyers to violate the terms of service. Prohibition and impossibility of currency exchange will be cases of force majeure.
  65. By paying the amount of the invoice or becoming a member of the Itroz website, the buyer accepts the content of the agreement and Itroz terms and there is no need to obtain a signature from the buyer.
  66. Itroz services are provided in the same way as confirmed by the buyer in the online design center at, and there is no guarantee related to the technical changes of the site, errors and failures caused by uploading it to services outside the services. Iteroz is not the responsibility of Iteroz. All written and oral guarantees regarding the services of Itroz provided by its employees or representatives or others are invalid. Under no circumstances will Itroz be responsible for possible incidents (such as data loss on the server).
  67. The limit of damages proved by the dispute settlement authority to the buyer for each type of service is at most equal to the cost paid by the buyer for that service, and Itroz will not bear any responsibility for compensating damages in excess of this amount.
  68. Non-implementation of a part of the terms and conditions of the Itroz agreement towards the buyer or others does not mean that Itroz has the right to implement the agreement.


Last updated 2024/05/03