Get Website IP Online

Get the sites IP online or obtain the sites IP.

Get Website IP Online

You can use Iteros site IP online service to get the site or server IP or to convert the site address to IP. Easily, after entering the site address in the box and clicking on the get IP button, the IP details of your desired site along with its host name can be seen at the top of the box.

What is the IP of the site?

Sites are hosted on web servers and web servers have specific IP addresses. IP means Internet Protocol address, which is called Internet Protocol address in English. IP address is a number that is uniquely assigned to each web server.

But it is difficult to remember, and for the convenience of cyberspace users, instead of using the IP of the web server, the domain name is used for it. For example, the IP address is the Google site, and by entering this address in Google, you can view the Google site.