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What is a qrcode?

Normally, square images in black color, which are unreadable in our eyes, but contain specific information. It is very easy to use them and by placing the mobile camera towards it, you can view its information. The popularization of the use of the Internet and its availability has caused QR codes to replace all types of printed materials in most centers.

What is qrcode generator?

It is a program designed to create a QR code on itroz website. You can enter the desired information through the above box and convert it into a QR code. For example, if you want to convert your website information into a barcode, just enter its address in the box and click the Create button. This information can contain text, address, phone and anything you need. After creating a barcode, you can receive it and use it anywhere, such as business cards, catalogs, advertising billboards, stands, etc.