SEO in html

SEO in html

SEO in html leads to an increase in site visits, and I will tell you what effects SEO has on site design, or in simple terms, site 

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SEO in html leads to an increase in site visits, and I will tell you what effects SEO has on site design, or in simple terms, site SEO, on increasing visits.

In Iteros Academy, we will discuss the concept of several parts, firstly css and html codes, then the relationship between html codes and SEO, and finally we will discuss SEO in website design. You should get familiar with the two concepts of internal SEO or site SEO and external SEO or keyword SEO so that the concept of SEO in website design can be easily understood for you and finally you will learn how SEO of the site is possible.

Therefore, stay with us until the end of the article on SEO in html and read the linked sections to understand more about this topic, because all the concepts and issues of SEO or site optimization cannot be presented in one article, and take advantage of the other content of the academy. At Itrooz Academy, we tried to provide you with valuable information in the areas of website design , website optimization, and internet marketing , so don't neglect to read them.

SEO in html

SEO has many parts, one of those parts is SEO in html , but before that, we will talk about the meaning and concept of SEO. As you know, SEO means optimizing the site for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., which are many, but the most famous of them are Google and Yahoo. Every day, more than 100 million searches are done only by Iranian users on Google. Users from the whole country or anywhere in the world can search in Google's own language, and the result of their search is a display related to the needs of the users. The search result is the display of related websites and any website that is closer to the first search is more accessible to users and they prefer to check the first results. Google's first results are able to attract users, so the closer you are to the first results, the more likely your site will be seen.

Thousands of sites are trying to be seen in the first results of Google, and hundreds of sites are competing in every industry so that their links are displayed on the first page of Google, but all of them are not among the first 10 of Google, and this competition is more in high-traffic words. The reason is that everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, but more than ten websites cannot be displayed on the first page of Google

Other contents of the academy:

SEO or website optimization consists of different parts, such as internal SEO or site SEO, which includes the internal parts of the website, and SEO in html is one of its subsets, the other part is external SEO or keyword SEO . How to choose the keyword is also an important part that is worth reading. We recommend that you read the linked sections because SEO is a detailed topic and you need to know about different parts of it. Website optimization is a complete understanding. So, in this article, we are talking about SEO in HTML , of course, there are other things like organic SEO and inorganic SEO that you can get more information by clicking on them.

Before we get into the topic, you should know what html is and what it is used for if we want to give a general explanation about html. HTML is the side code in all websites and the basis of all websites is html code. Without HTML codes, the website has no meaning. All web pages are made up of HTML codes. You can not use css or script codes on a web page, but you must use html codes to give meaning to the web page. This is the reason why one part of website optimization is related to which and optimization of these codes is extremely important in website SEO, but first of all it should be said that SEO is the result of doing various activities in different parts of the website and SEO in html is one of its parts, and in order to reach the first page of Google, all optimizations must be followed, otherwise the website will be on the first page, otherwise this action is not possible.

SEO in html has a direct relationship with its codes, but what is the reason, what does codes have to do with website optimization? In this section, we must mention the structure of search engine robots because search engines do not understand the concept of content and text of the site and use their own standards according to the importance of words in the text. The idea that you have to write a lot of lines to produce content is effective if you have followed the principles of website optimization. In this case, the article on how to choose keywords becomes extremely important, and in this article, we focus on exactly this. let's pay

Suppose you wrote an article and you want to publish it, your article is related to the design of the online store and in this article you have fully explained the design of the online store, you want to publish it. After publishing it, you will come to the conclusion that your article will not find a special place in Google's results because Google did not understand what you meant. In order to understand what word is important, you must use meta tags.

Use of meta tags

The use of meta tags is very important to recognize the important words of Google and search engines. There are two important meta tags for search engines: the description meta tag, which describes the entire article in one or two lines, and the keyword meta tag, which contains your most important words on that page.

Other related content:

Therefore, the first step of SEO in HTML is to create description and keyword metatags, then you should optimize your content for search engines so that the search engine can check your texts according to the metatag information. We recommend you to read the effect of metatags in SEO .

Text optimization

To optimize the text, you must first put your text in a paragraph. A paragraph in html starts with a <p> tag and closes with a </p> tag, and your text must be placed between them.

Then the title of each paragraph should be placed in h1-h2-h3 tags according to its importance. In this way, the importance of different sections for search engines is determined. Your text and important keywords have a special readability for search engines, that's why we recommend that you publish your content according to the provided items. If we want to compare the first publishing method with the second publishing method that is followed by SEO in html, the second method gets a better position than the first method in search engines.


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