WordPress admin panel tutorial

WordPress admin panel tutorial

Manage your website without the knowledge of website design by training the WordPress management panel. With WordPress training, you can easily manage your

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Woocommerce web store admin panel tutorial Manage your website without the knowledge of website design by learning the WordPress management panel. With WordPress training, you can easily manage your website. We have used version 5.0.2, which is the latest version of WordPress to date, in the training of the WordPress management panel, along with the training of version 4.9.9 and checking the differences between the two versions in a complete and practical way, and all the training chapters are based on This is done by the WordPress admin panel. After watching this tutorial, you can easily manage your WordPress site and change, create and delete its various sections in an unlimited way.

Training Name: WordPress Panel Management Package Teacher Name: Ashkan Mostofi Duration: 3 hours and 20 minutes Receive method: online viewing Produced by: Itroz Watch the course online
Through WordPress admin panel training you can easily without knowledge Site design and manage your website coding. In WordPress training, all parts of WordPress are taught practically from beginning to end and complement the use of Iteros site templates. Image and sound quality. You can see the guaranteed training package and the topics of this training below.

WordPress admin panel training topics

The headings of WordPress management panel training are as follows. After this training course, you can easily use the WordPress control panel. Pay attention to the headings of WordPress training:

  1. Basic familiarity with the user panel and dashboard environment
    1. How to enter and exit
    2. Familiarity with the dashboard
    3. User settings
  2. Media management
    1. Create new image
    2. Remove image
  3. Managing sheets
    1. Create a new tab
      1. Sheet title
      2. Change page address
      3. Description of the text box and the use of its elements
      4. Add image
      5. Explanation about release section
      6. View tab
    2. Manage sheets
    3. Creating sheet with version 4.9.9
  4. Managing posts
    1. Manage categories
      1. Create new category
      2. Edit categories
    2. Manage tags
      1. Create new label
      2. Edit tags
    3. Create a new post
      1. Post title
      2. Text box
      3. Structure selection
      4. Select categories
      5. Add tags
      6. Add a featured image
      7. Description of the release and preview section
    4. Managing posts
    5. Create a post with version 4.9.9
  5. Manage views
    1. Register a new comment
    2. view management
    3. Edit view
    4. Confirmation of view
  6. List management
    1. Lists section header
    2. Check the list editing section
      1. Create new list
      2. Add new elements
      3. Additional settings for elements such as css, etc.
      4. Delete list
      5. Introduction to position management
  7. Manage widgets
    1. Introducing widgets and their uses
    2. Add new widget
    3. Remove widget
    4. Edit Widget
  8. Manage plugins
    1. Add new plugin
    2. Edit plugins
    3. Remove plugins
  9. Manage skins
    1. Section of managing templates and changing them
    2. Choose a new template
    3. Remove templates
    4. Template customization
      1. Logo creation
      2. Create icon
      3. Changing the title of the site and introducing Gotah
      4. Change colors
      5. Change header
  10. User Management
    1. user management
    2. Edit users
    3. Create new user
    4. Delete user
  11. WordPress Settings
    1. General
    2. Reading
      1. Setting the first page
      2. Set limit on publishing
      1. views settings
      1. Media Settings
    3. Unique links
      1. Links settings
  12. Update

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First Session - Introduction to the user environment

The Second Session - Media Management

Third Session - Tab Management

The Fourth Session - Post Management

The Fifth Session - Managing Comments

Sixth Session - Directory Management

Seventh Session - Widget Management

Eighth Session - Manage plugins or plugins

Ninth session - Management of skins

tenth session - user management

eleventh session - WordPress settings

Twelfth Session - Update

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