Site optimization price

Site optimization price

The price of optimizing the site to reach the first page of Google, the price of the SEO site, which is divided into two parts, the price of internal SEO a

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The price of optimizing the site to reach the first page of Google, the price of the SEO site, which is divided into two parts, the price of internal SEO and the price of external SEO, to increase sales and introduce services.

Website optimization is a method that most businesses use to increase sales and introduce services. Website SEO is one of the subsets of digital marketing and is done through virtual space and search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. In this article, we would like to present the necessary materials in this field in relation to the site optimization price, cost estimation methods for the site SEO price in Iteros Digital Agency , and because Google is one of the largest search engines in the world, the subject We are talking about the site optimization price in relation to this search engine and the site SEO price in relation to it.

Site optimization price

If you have read the website SEO article , you know that there are different methods to optimize the website, that's why the SEO price of the website is a little complicated and can be checked. It's a bit confused because the price of site optimization is not a fixed price, but according to a series of analyzes and reviews, the prices vary, so we felt it necessary to publish this article to clarify the price of site optimization through Itroz Digital Agency. show In general, the site SEO price is divided into two parts: internal SEO and keyword SEO, which we will explain in relation to each one below.

Internal SEO price

In the article on internal SEO , what is internal SEO is completely discussed and we want to provide information regarding the price of internal SEO . In general, internal SEO is related to the components of different parts of the site, such as SEO in html , code optimization, image optimization , etc. and after that, as the famous saying goes, your website becomes popular with Google and Google robots make your site better. They can identify what field you are in and what your goal is to reach the first page of Google.

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Fortunately, the price of internal SEO is not as complicated as external or keyword SEO and depends on the platform you use. We generally divide the platforms into two general parts. Internal SEO price for WordPress content management system and internal SEO price for frameworks. The site optimization price is different for each of these platforms. Our experts can tell you the internal SEO price of the site by checking the platform used.

Foreign SEO price

The price of foreign SEO or keyword SEO depends on many factors. Every person in their business has a set of industry words that are very important in that business. For example, a paint manufacturing company or a seller of different colors, one of the important keywords can be refractory paint, which by the way, if you search for this word in Google, the website you see is optimized through the digital agency Itroz. In external SEO, we want to direct the desired keyword to the first page. This is completely different from internal SEO and the price of internal SEO, where the focus is on the specified keyword. You specify important keywords in your industry, or our experts can specify these keywords for you with advice, after that each keyword is checked and its price is determined. If you want to know more about this, read the article on foreign SEO .

How is the SEO price of the site determined?

How is the SEO price of the site determined?

So far, it has been determined that the SEO price of the site is divided into two parts, the price of internal SEO and the price of external SEO or keyword, but it is not necessary that you pay for both parts. For example, if you want to be on the first position in Google for a certain keyword, you don't need to do internal SEO unless the websites that are on the first page of that keyword have done internal SEO, which happens when The keywords should be a competitive word and have high search results, otherwise, you can only focus on external SEO or keyword SEO.

But with internal SEO, because Google's standards are respected on your website, Google gives more importance to your website and in keyword SEO, you will not only achieve results in a shorter period of time, but the longevity of your links will increase, so internal SEO It may seem unimportant, but it is extremely important for search engines and can even reduce the SEO price of the site. But it is possible to reach the first position of Google without it, but the proposal of the digital marketing team of Itroz is professional activity in this field in order to achieve the best result with the most durability.

In the continuation of our conversation regarding how the price of website optimization is determined, it should be said that in the first stage, your website platform is very important, do you use a content management system such as WordPress or a framework, after which your website will be checked. Internal SEO or not, after that keywords are determined and your competitors are analyzed in those words and finally the site optimization price is determined. You can talk to our experts for the site SEO price and see our SEO examples .

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Finally, if you do not worry about the cost of SEO and consider site optimization as one of the main factors after designing a website or designing an online store , because a billion Persian searches are done daily through Google, and in the whole country only ten websites have a chance to be seen. In the search results, users have the whole country, so if you are closer to the first results of Google, you have a better chance in this huge volume of search and you can increase the sales of your products and services significantly, which is not possible in any other website or advertisement. You will not get this chance.

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