What is external SEO or keyword SEO?

What is external SEO or keyword SEO?

Get on the first position of Google with external SEO or keyword SEO. Stay with us to know what external SEO or keyword SEO is. If you want first place

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Get on the first position of Google with external SEO or keyword SEO. Stay with us to know what external SEO or keyword SEO is . If you want to get the first position in the search engines, which means, for example, in the keyword of website design, the link of your website design section will be placed on the first page of search engines, you must use SEO keyword.

What is external SEO or keyword SEO?

To know what is external SEO or keyword SEO, you need to know search engines first. In recent years, one of the most suitable platforms for searching anything is search engines. Users search for their needs in them, the top search engines in the world include Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN.

After entering the desired word in these search engines, results will appear for you that are made up of different websites, a series of these websites are in a higher position and a series are in a lower position, those are in a higher position link are better because the search engines want it because of the standards they define for themselves, if any website meets those standards it will get a higher ranking in the search engine.

Visibility in search engines is very important because due to the convenience of most users, they search for their needs in it. To confirm this, we can refer to the number of searches that are more than 100 million searches per day.

According to the search interest in search engines by users, the higher your position is, the more likely the website will be seen.

So far, the importance of search engines has been explained and it has been said that users are very interested in searching for their needs in these search engines, so websites that are more visible have a higher chance of being seen.


What is external SEO or keyword SEO?


This has caused the competition to reach the first page between different websites in important words and different companies are trying hard to be at the highest position of search engines and not to lose this position even though competitors are trying to take it.

So far, search engines have been fully explained, but what is external SEO or keyword SEO? External SEO or keyword SEO is exactly what is done to reach the desired link according to the keyword in the search engine.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the most important search engines. Each of these search engines has its own standards, and in order to reach the first page and the best position, the standards of these search engines must be followed.

But what are these standards and where do they come from and how do they help users?

These standards are defined by algorithms of search engines and all they try to do is for websites to provide accurate information to users according to the necessary standards, or as the website is known to be optimized for search engines. Any website that meets these standards will be ranked higher in search engines, and compliance with these standards is very important for search engines.

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Some keywords that do not have high traffic and are not widely published on the Internet, even if they do not meet these standards, they will appear in the search engine results after a long period of time, so do not assume that if your website does not meet these standards, it will never appear in the search engine results. The results of the search engines are not visible, but as it was said, it depends on many parameters, but definitely the necessary standards must be implemented in the words with high traffic, check the websites of the competitors and try to improve your website to surpass the website of the competitors. It is necessary.

External SEO or keyword SEO or SEO in general is a complex skill because there are many items involved in this field that make the website progress and some cause the site to decline. In another article, we fully explained about internal SEO or site SEO and we said that one of the prerequisites of external SEO is internal SEO , and the combination of these expresses the meaning of SEO.

Estimating the price of keyword SEO or foreign SEO

Keyword SEO or external SEO is checked in two general ways.

The website has been launched

If the website has been launched, its different parts are checked and according to the available information, the cost of the keywords is estimated.

The website has not been launched

If the website has not been launched, the cost estimate is approximate.

We recommend that you start your website before thinking about SEO, and if you want to design a dedicated website, be sure to follow SEO standards from the beginning of the design, or if you benefit from custom website design, definitely after that. Do internal SEO.

Finally, your first step is to launch the website and then optimize it. After launching and completing the website, it can be checked and the price estimate can be applied.

The quality of the website is very effective in estimating the price of external SEO or keyword SEO, if that website has internal SEO or vice versa, it can be very effective in estimating the price, even in the delivery time of the project.

The specialists of Itrooz, which is one of the most trafficked keywords in Iran and the world with 2 billion and 250 million results, are in the first place of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN, recommend to their customers and users. Before keyword SEO, we must work on internal SEO and the effective factors in it. These factors have a great impact on external SEO and also price estimation.

How is external SEO or keyword SEO done?

If your website has internal SEO, it will be worked on the desired keywords in a specific period of time. This activity is planned according to your competitors. When you want to work on a specific keyword, there are always people who Before you, there is a keyword in it and they got the first rank, so after analyzing them, the planning for your website will start, the necessary work will be done for a certain period of time, so that your website will be directed to the first page.

What is external SEO or keyword SEO?

SEO in general takes time. Due to our experience and knowledge in the field of SEO in some projects, we have been able to direct the desired website to the first page in a very short period of time, but the differences in business and keywords make it difficult. This feature may not be applicable for all businesses and all websites. Some keywords require more time and others are possible to achieve results.

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And it should be noted that keywords do not work in the same way, but we at Itros Digital Agency will give you this assurance with a detailed review and our expert experts will guide your website to the first rank optimization in search engines in the shortest time and at the lowest price. . We always try to lead you to the first place in search engines in the shortest possible time.


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