Custom site design or site customization

Custom site design or site customization

We will review cheap and professional custom website design or site customization along with its price and tariffs at Itrooz Digital Agency.

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We will review cheap and professional custom website design or site customization along with its price and tariffs at Itrooz Digital Agency.

The beauty of the website template and its user-friendliness can lead the audience towards a specific goal or, on the contrary, it can discourage them from continuing. All of these include factors such as SEO or site optimization for search engines, site optimization for the user, and the use of modern coding and programming technologies, which can attract users to the site by implementing it on the site.

To design a professional and practical customized website, it is necessary to think and implement a beautiful and user-friendly design along with the things mentioned above.

Custom site design or site customization

In custom site design or site customization, the template is customized according to the customer's needs. This means that different parts of the website such as header, footer and body are designed according to the customer's taste. Organizational color is used in coloring the website. Slides and images are used on the website according to the employer's activity.

You can choose your desired template through the template section of the site so that we can customize it.

Through custom website design or customizing your site, you pay less for website design and you get a website that completely matches your tastes, which is also called customizing the site. We have considered several plans with different costs for our customers so that anyone with any budget can set up their website and start their business online. If you want, you can read the cheap website design section.

After cheap website design, site customization is the most economical plan for website design . Because you don't pay for website design and you pay for customizing it, that's why after cheap website design, this plan is completely cost-effective because you have both a website with your organizational colors and your tastes in it. You implemented it.

Customizing the site or customizing the site

One of the advantages of website customization is its expandability. We can add the features you need to the template and develop it. We can also optimize it and increase the speed of the site.

Customizing the site has the capability of internal SEO and external SEO, which means that the website can be optimized for search engines and also to get the first place in Google, these websites can be used and in the desired keyword. It won the first place in the search engines, we recommend that you talk to our experts in this regard and they will provide you with the best solution.

Custom website design price

The price of custom website design is calculated according to the changes that are applied to the site and the facilities that are added to it. One of the most economical plans for designing a professional website is to customize the site because if we want to divide the site design into three parts. cheap website design is the least expensive part and professional website design is the most expensive part, so we conclude that customized website design or site customization is a reasonable and cost-effective way to create a website in the virtual space. Below are explanations about professional website design. And its difference is provided with custom website design.

Other contents of the academy:

Site speed

The speed of the site in dedicated formats is very high compared to other platforms due to the facilities used in it. Because the coding and scripts are written only for the need and unnecessary coding is not used, this increases the speed of the site. Iteros site template is specially designed, this site is being analyzed and reviewed by scripts due to its specialization in online business, although these scripts do not need to be used in normal sites, but as you can see in the picture below, it says with On the first page, images, graphics, forms, etc. are used, but the loading speed of the site is 1 second and 97 hundredths of a second.

Iteros site speed

If you refer to the sections of the site, you will see that the Itrouz site has different sections with different designs, but the use of the latest methods in the world in coding and programming has made the site's speed acceptable, even its speed can be reduced to less than one second. gave

In designing a customized website, you definitely do not have the speed of a professional website because in designing a professional website, all the website codes are written according to the needs of the employer, but in customizing the website, the codes are written and the only possibility is optimization, so the web A custom site has a higher loading speed compared to a professional website, which is very important in SEO.

SEO site

In a special format, according to the request of the employer, the SEO of the site can be increased in the best way and with the greatest effect. Because the site is written from scratch and it can be coded and programmed according to the standard. As you can see in the ranking of the reliable site, it says that the SEO rank of the Itrooz site is 99% out of 100. It means that it can be concluded that the Iteros site has all the SEO factors. SEO in custom website design is different from the above.

Iteros site SEO review

For competitive sites and businesses that want to expand their business in the virtual space, SEO of the site, ranking in search engines and reducing the ranking in Alexa are important. Designing a dedicated website with SEO can have a significant impact in this regard.

If your goal in designing a website is to compete with your colleagues in the virtual space, it is suggested to use a professional website design or to benefit from the customization of the website in case of consultation with the experts of Itroz. Because not all ready-made or customized templates have strong SEO.

Custom template design for CMS

CMSs are strong cores implemented for specific purposes, among the most famous of them in the field of content production, we can mention WordPress and Joomla. Since the CMS itself adds scripts to the site that slows down its speed, and the use of plugins also adds other scripts to the template, if the template is not designed specifically, its speed is very slow. But by designing a dedicated site for CMS and SEO methods specific to CMS, their speed can be increased to a great extent.

Therefore, keep in mind that in designing a custom website, apart from the scripts used in the template, scripts from CMS and various plugins are added to it, but in designing a dedicated website, these scripts are kept to a minimum.

Dedicated template design for frameworks

The most professional type of website design is the design of a dedicated template for the framework because the frameworks have high security and provide programmers with a light and safe core. The security factor in frameworks is higher than CMS and provides more features to programmers. The use of proprietary and open source frameworks can be one of the reasons for the high security of those sites.

Other related content:

To design a site template and specialized facilities, you need to design a dedicated site on the framework, otherwise, that template can be implemented on CMS. The most important difference between designing a custom website on a framework and CMS is security and the cost of designing and programming it. To get more information and design a custom website, contact us at Itros.


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