Cheap SEO site

Cheap SEO site

What is cheap SEO or cheap site optimization? In this article, we will review the methods of SEO or site optimization

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What is cheap site SEO or cheap site optimization? In this article, we will examine the methods of SEO or site optimization. Be with Itroz Academy As you know SEO site is one of the popular methods among companies and... In the last few years, SEO has become more popular than advertising in Google AdWords, because you always have to pay for advertising in Google, and due to the sanctions, the cost of each click in Iran is several times higher, and advertising in Google in the long term involves an exorbitant cost. be But to reach the first page of Google and be seen, it is enough to pay once and then pay for each keyword to be on the first page of Google.

SEO site and Google rules

Before we get into the discussion of cheap site SEO, it is better to check the site SEO. Google, the world's largest search engine, introduced its most profitable part, Google AdWords, and then sold the Android version. Perhaps by saying this, you will understand the importance of the topic, how much attention is paid to being seen on the first page and everyone wants to benefit from this excellent platform. Every day, millions of people search for their requests through search engines and their first goal is to enter websites that can be seen at the top of search engine pages. Users have more trust in websites that are seen at the top. So by now you have understood the importance of SEO. Now we will examine the methods of site optimization or SEO. show

Internal SEO and external SEO

If we want to say in general how the sites come to the first line of Google, it should be stated like this. Search engines have an algorithm that analyzes and examines your website by introducing the site to their robots. In order for robots to be able to better analyze and categorize websites, Google has put rules in coding, site structure, scripts, architecture, images, links and many other things that by following and standardizing your website for the robot It becomes popular and they can recognize your purpose. Your site source is optimized by internal seo and this optimization makes May the entire website have the best results in Google. In the second step is External SEO which is selected by the keywords selected from your activity. For example, for electronic commerce one of the keywords shop site design After choosing the keyword, Iteros experts assess the needs of your website and plan the necessary solutions to reach that keyword on the first page of Google within a certain period of time. During this time, by implementing methods and analyzing and implementing your website, they will bring you to the first page of Google in that keyword. Getting to the first page of Google is completely scientific and should be done with planning and analysis. Internal SEO in External SEO helps that keyword stay longer on the first page of Google and for a long time that site will be in its place in that keyword with the solutions of the Iteros SEO team. to stay Most of the keywords optimized by the Itroz digital agency team were able to stay in place between 6 months and 2 years. Now we will examine Cheap SEO site.

cheap SEO site

In cheap SEO site, fake or fake methods are used to reach the first page of Google, which is often done by software and websites, and for this reason, its cost is very cheap and without optimal science. The site is being built. In these methods, they try to bypass the Google search engine to reach the result. Of course, in this method, the site will come to the first page for that keyword, but what are the consequences? One of the serious consequences of this is the blocking of your site's domain by Google, and if Google blocks your domain, there is no way back and all the information of that domain will be deleted from Google. Google search engine deals with fake methods in the most difficult way due to the production of good content and optimization of websites, and through many methods it can recognize that you are using a fake method or the correct method of the site. you optimize A few methods that can be mentioned: sudden increase in site traffic, checking incoming traffic (for example, if you use traffic increasing websites, Google will notice that these websites have many outgoing links and notice spam traffic to the site The same method applies to software. Checking the site codes, checking the health of the site, etc. will convince Google that your website is trying to bypass Google through fake methods and the domain will be blocked. One of the other disadvantages of bypassing Google or cheap SEO site is its very poor durability because all the solutions are fake, for example: you have a website that is not popular with the Google robot and you are trying to use methods Bring fake traffic and visits to the site. When the keyword reaches the first page, the companies and individuals who use this method apply this traffic to your site for a short period of time after settling the account and stop after a short period of time. Immediately after the traffic stop, your website will not only return to its first position, but it will also be weaker than before. But in external SEO, in the first stage, the website becomes internal SEO and becomes popular for the Google robot. The real traffic is done over time by the rules and techniques mentioned by Google, and this makes the site stay on the first page of Google for a long time after the account is settled. Even in the foreign site SEO method, the effect is not only on a keyword, but the effect is on the entire site. Source » Itroz Academy


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