The impact of meta tags in SEO

The impact of meta tags in SEO

Investigating the effect of metatags on SEO and improving site ranking in search engines. What are keywords metatags and 

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Examining the impact of meta tags on SEO and improving the site's ranking in search engines. What is keywords metatag and description metatag and why is it important.

What is a metatag?

Meta tag is unique code in HTML language . A meta tag is a piece of text that describes the content of the page. Metatags are not visible and useful on the page, but they are visible in the source of the site. Metatags help search engines to understand the content of the page. Of course, this work is not done only through metatags, but metatags are effective in this field. Metatag keywords and descriptions in the source of Itroz site As you can see in the above image, the metatags in the source of the site are HTML is displayed in the upper part of the source page like this. The description metatag is a part of the text that describes the content of the page, and the keywords metatag are the most important words on the page. The impact of meta tags of keywords and descriptions in Google If you have used keywords and description meta tags on your website, your website It is displayed in Google as above.

The effect of metatags in SEO

Metatags are a significant number, but each metatag lacks necessary validity. Some metatags change or become obsolete with the change of search engine algorithms and coding progress. Some people believe that the use of meta tags has an impact on SEO, but this view is wrong. If he uses them without knowing the use of metatags, not only is it not effective in SEO, but it has the opposite effect. The most important metatags, as mentioned, are keywords and descriptions.

Important tips on using metatags

The most important point in using metatags is the integration of page texts. For example, your page consists of title, content. For the best SEO effect in the description, a brief text of the overall concept of the page should be used using the most important words in the description. Then divide the description into smaller parts and use keywords in the section. Note that the words used in the title, description and keywords should be very close to each other in order to have the greatest impact on the page's SEO. In future articles, we will explain more about important and effective meta tags in SEO.

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