Website design price

Website design price

The price of static web page design, the price of dynamic or dynamic website design, such as corporate and personal, the price of store website design in

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The price of static web page design, the price of dynamic or dynamic website design, such as corporate and personal, website design price for a store in Itrooz.

Static website design price

As mentioned in the definition of static site design, static websites are said to be changed only by the designer. The site is possible. Static site based on HTML coding and css with script jQuery is written. The price of static website design is calculated based on each page and master pages are more expensive than other pages. Master pages in static website design are the main pages of each section, for example, the first page of the site is considered a master page, or the framework of internal pages is considered a master page. In the static website design price, it should be specified exactly how many master pages and internal pages the website consists of, because each page must be designed individually, and the internal pages are modeled after the master pages. If you want to build the entire website based on static design, it is necessary to have information about all the pages, such as content, images, etc., because the website designer designs the pages by having the information. But it can be a dynamic website, but for example, only the first page should be statically designed, like some companies that use a static page to separate the Persian and English sections of the site with beautiful graphics. Of course, this is very wrong from the point of view of SEO and is not recommended. But static site design can also be used in different parts of dynamic sites.

Dynamic website design price

Dynamic site design or dynamic are websites that can be managed. You can edit and change different parts of your site through the management panel without any knowledge of website design. Any website that can be managed is called dynamic, and we will mention some examples below. In the design of corporate websites, dynamic websites are divided into two general parts, content management systems, which is CMS s and frameworks. The price of dynamic website design is different for each of the mentioned items.

CMS price

The price of CMS or content management system is estimated based on template design and its features. The simpler the CMS site template is and the fewer features it has, the lower the CMS price is, and the more advanced it is, the higher the price will be for the installation. The prices of CMS or dynamic sites are not fixed and are estimated based on your needs. Some website design companies offer them in the form of packages to determine the price of CMS. the payment. Otherwise, a certain price cannot be considered for CMS and the price can be announced after estimating the customer's needs.

Framework price

The price of frameworks is more complicated compared to CMS because the price of CMS can be estimated through its packaging, but this is not the case with frameworks. Frameworks are often designed for specific customer goals and needs. Each customer needs different needs and facilities, so after defining the project and preparing the proposal from its different parts, the price of the framework can be announced. In order to price the framework, it is necessary to know the structure of the site and all its parts.   site design price

Shop website design price

The store site is like the hyper-dynamic websites. Some features of store sites are standard and the customer requests specific items. But in some cases, people's needs are different. The difference in the design and required facilities has made it impossible to consider the exact price in the price of designing a store website. As mentioned earlier, some companies categorize the sites in the form of a package to determine its price. Online store packages can be priced, and their prices are very different. This difference is in the way of implementation, training, support, after-sales service and the use of software and hardware tools. The cheaper the design price of the online store, the quality of the services in design, training, support, etc. mentioned above will decrease.

The price of corporate and personal website design

Corporate and personal website design are another type of dynamic websites. The price of corporate and personal website design is estimated based on template design, use of CMS or framework, facilities used in it. In the next posts, there will be separate articles for the price of corporate and personal website design so that you can learn more about how to price it.

Site design price

If we want to say briefly and usefully about the price of website design, it should be said that regardless of the price, the efficiency of the website is very important, the graphic parts and content are the tip of the arrow and form the site format. The website template is the showcase of the site and the first encounter of the user with your business. The more accurate and efficient it is, the more likely it is to convert a user into a customer. Of course, the price of designing a beautiful and user-friendly template is different from other templates, but it is very effective in the result and user feedback. The next part is SEO and site optimization, which has a great impact on your business. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to the success and failure of a site, which are not in the scope of this article and we will discuss them in the next articles, but if we want to talk about the price of website design, you should note that if the price is the main criterion, it is possible Don't achieve what you want and sacrifice success. But if you are looking to increase your income, design your website professionally and with an open vision. A professional and efficient site because the cost you pay is very small compared to what you get, but otherwise you wasted your money.  

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