Static site design

Static site design

What is static site design or what is a static site? We will examine static site design and static sites with itroz.

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What is static site design and which websites are called static. Before we get into website design, it is better to explain about static websites.

What is a static site

? As it was said in the previous articles, "Statistics of the number of Persian websites", 50% of Persian websites are static, and if you want to know more about websites and their history, read the article "What is a website". Static websites can be considered as the oldest websites because they were the first sites uploaded on the web. The technology of static sites has advanced today, but they are still based on primitive technologies. Static websites include images, content, links, etc. Today, static sites can be optimized for proper display on mobile phones and tablets. It is interesting to know that today's advanced websites are based on static website technology. Now it is better to talk about how to design a static site and more specialized topics. Stay with Digital Agency Itroz.

Static site design

Static site design is based on HTML coding. In the last few years another coding language for website design called CSS was introduced to make static websites more professional than before. Before CSS, all page properties were done through HTML coding, and CSS was able to do this. to do it more optimally and more specialized. Nowadays, CSS coding is very popular and developing. Static site design is done once and no one else except the site designer can make changes to the page. Because the changes need to be coded and the wrong change can disrupt the site. Static sites are smaller in size and load faster, but this does not make static sites better. Now that you are familiar with the structure and how static sites are formed, it is better to give an example. Suppose you want to order a static site and you are not familiar with static site design. In order to be able to design the static site more easily, we use the service or product catalog and change the catalog structure to the prototype structure. After changing the structure according to your taste, we can design a catalog using the content and images. After finishing the design, you may want to make changes in the design or text or anywhere on the site, so these changes will be applied by the site designer and the final version of the static site will be uploaded to the Internet. After loading, you will not be able to make changes to the site, add a page or make other changes. You can only view the site and any changes must be made by the designer. When is designing a static website appropriate? With the experience you gained from designing a static website from above, you know that changing it is the work of the website designer and it will cost you money, so if you want to design a static website It is better to keep your website unchanged. That is, put information in the form of a site on the Internet that you do not want to change. If you want even a part of the website to remain unchanged, you can design that specific part statically, for example, you want the first page of your site to be a static page and link to several sections with a beautiful design. You can design this page statically. The cost of designing a static website depends on the number of pages and the structure of its sections, but it is less than designing a dynamic website. If you want to know more about the difference between static and dynamic sites, we recommend the article " Difference between static and dynamic site design " or about dynamic site design you can read it.

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