Dynamic website design

Dynamic website design

Dynamic website design, what is dynamic website design, review of dynamic programming by itroz along with analysis of dynamic website design

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What is dynamic site design? How does the site become dynamic? Together with digital agency Itroz with dynamic website design review. In website design, dynamic websites are among the most attractive websites in the web world, because they can be used in various ways with their capabilities. It is better to explain about the dynamic site before starting.

What is a dynamic site?

As mentioned in the article static website design, the technology of static websites is the basis of all websites. Dynamic websites are also known as dynamic websites. Dynamic sites contain content, images, videos, links, forms, etc., but the main difference between dynamic and static sites is that the sites are managed by ordinary people. To create the content and the things mentioned above, there is no need for website design science, and the site manager can easily manage the website with training on how to use the management panel. Production of unlimited pages, changes in pages, etc. are among the changes that the site manager can make without the knowledge of site design. Now that you are familiar with the structure of the dynamic site, I will check the dynamic website design.

Dynamic site design

The dynamic site has two main parts

  1. Coding
  2. Programming

Static sites only had the first part and provided a graphical environment for the user to view, but a dynamic site not only allows users to view the site, but also enables the site manager to make changes to the site. The second part is done by programming in website design. For a better understanding of dynamic website design, we will give an example. Suppose you want to design a dynamic website, you need to specify your information and facilities. It is easier to collect information from facilities, as mentioned earlier, you can refer to your general catalog and collect other information from it. But what facilities do you need? The answer to this issue requires a detailed review of the content and other websites, but Iteros provides services in this case, and you can specify the facilities of the site without the need of the mentioned items. Now, assuming that you have collected the information and features of the site, we will start building the prototype of the site and then we will start building the graphics of the site. Until now, the work process was similar to the static site, but after this, the difference of the dynamic site will be clear. According to your request, features are added to the site or programmed. For example, you want to have three columns on the top of the first page, each column having content, image and link. The site design is done or programmed in such a way that you can change the content and image... or create new pages to the site through the site management control panel. Dynamic site design is useful for companies and people who want to expand the site and add new information to it. Or like store websites that need their website to be dynamic so that customers can make purchases from it. The ability to manage the Dynamic Site Design site has made it popular among individuals and companies and made it easier for them. Although the cost of dynamic sites is more than static, but the facilities provided to the site manager are very useful. Which websites must be dynamic? Websites that want to communicate with the user, other than Flash sites, must be dynamic. Like online stores. Suppose the online stores were static! Users could only view the products and could not buy or order them. If dynamic websites were built, many big sites like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. would not exist today. Dynamic site design makes it possible to build any site through programming. To order a static site, you need to know the information and facilities of your requested site and make an inquiry according to them, in which case you need to prepare a porpozal (complete information of the site in a specialized and written form) that any company or website designer can create the site through a porpozal. Slow programming. But with the experience we have in website design, it shows that the demands of most companies are the same, and according to the progress in the world of online business, they add new facilities to it. Therefore, for the convenience of our customers, we have designed packages for website design, in which all your needs are met from beginning to end. Iteroz packages include 5 packages, for example, in the cheap website design package, which is the first Iteroz package, the basic needs of companies and individuals are seen, and in the average, good and excellent website design packages, other facilities are added to them, and in the excellent package, all The needs of a company such as stores, forums, etc. have been seen. Now, if you want to order special facilities, you can select the facilities you need and send them for inquiry, so that our experts will announce the cost of your customized package as soon as possible after checking. To view the packages and their prices, click on each link below.

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