Increase site speed

Increase site speed

How to increase site speed. What is the reason why some sites are slow and some are fast? Increasing the speed of the itroz Academy site

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How to increase site speed. What is the reason why some sites are slow and some are fast? Increase site speed Stay with Itros Academy. There are many ways to increase site speed, but first you need to know what programming your website is implemented on, what framework or CMS. Before how to increase the speed of the site, it is better to do a general review of the websites.

Site speed in frameworks and CMS

Professional websites in the world use two methods to launch the site. The use of frameworks and CMS. In this article, we want to talk about the speed of the site, so I will check their difference in speed.

Site speed in the framework

The frameworks do not have a ready-made site template, and the template in the frameworks must be custom designed. This causes these templates to be designed according to the customer's needs and to avoid additional codes. Of course, low and clean coding depends on the designer's knowledge, but in general, coding and designing a customized or exclusive site means that less code is used in the site's source, and this increases the speed of the site. As an example, we can take the example of the Itros website written with the Laravel framework, which has a lot of content and photos on the first page, but not only the first page, but all the pages are loaded with speed. One of the reasons for this increase in site speed is the lack of clean coding.

Site speed in CMS

Unlike frameworks, CMS have ready-made templates and you can buy them and run them on the content management system. The advantage of these templates is that they have many features, for example, different parts of the site, such as the header and footer, etc., can be changed in different forms and with different graphics for the site administrator, and also many accesses without the need for programming knowledge And coding can be changed. You can easily manage your site by learning the site control panel and CMS control panel taught by Itroz. But this complete and comprehensive system, as complete as it is, can have a significant impact on the speed of the site. Because in order to change, for example, the header in different forms or to have different pages, more codes must be written, and in order for the admin to apply changes without programming knowledge, more lines must be programmed, and all these extra coding and programming causes May the website become very heavy. But it is possible to write specific templates for CMS. Dedicated templates are faster to install than ready-made templates, but due to the execution of CMS scripts on the template, you can't compare CMS with frameworks. Contact Itroz for exclusive template design.

Increase site speed

Increasing site speed in customized or exclusive frameworks and templates is the use of up-to-date and low-line codes, as well as using the methods provided by Google to reduce the size of the site or server. If you use ready-made templates, you can benefit from the plugins and modules that exist in this regard.

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