How to produce content

How to produce content

Teaching site content creation and key methods to increase site ranking by teaching how to create content. Examining 

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Teaching site content creation and key methods to increase site ranking by teaching how to create content. Examining the important points of content production to increase the ranking of the site in Google and improve the position of the content in Google. In the previous articles, explanations were given regarding the key points of interesting content production, but considering that the explanations given are the key points in content production, we decided to discuss all the issues related to content production in this article with you, the regular companions of the Itrouz site. show This training is recommended for all those who plan to create content on their site and increase its rank in search engines.

How to create content

For the introduction of how to create content, it should be said that content has a great impact on the ranking of your site. You can reduce your site's ranking for search engines, especially Google, by creating good content. You can also create bad content. It increased its ranking, so it is very important to pay attention to how to produce content that improves the site's ranking results and directs them to the first page of Google.

Prepare your website for content production

Before creating content, it is necessary for your website to have the necessary capabilities to include a good content. For a better understanding of this issue, we refer to the Google search results that in some sites, although there are not many published materials or even the text of those materials does not have many characters, but they are very successful in the results, and on the contrary, some sites with production Good content unfortunately does not get good results.

Why do some sites not get good results in Google due to the production of good content?

Content production is considered the last step of starting SEO site, which means that before content production, your site must have a proper structure in terms of SEO in order to get results. Wish and progress in reaching the first page of Google. One of the things that is directly related to this issue is site tags, but why? Note that Google does not understand your content and the content of the site is meaningless from Google's point of view, for example you have published an article about "how to create content" and for you the keyword "how to create content" is very important, but for Google This is not the case and this word remains like other words. But how does Google notice our attention to the desired word? The answer is the correct use of site tags. We do not ask you to optimize the site tags for Google because this is done by an SEO specialist, but we recommend that you optimize your website before creating content so that it receives the best results in search engines. Optimizing the site includes many things that we will discuss in the following articles, and you can contact Itroz experts to optimize the site. But for now, we think that your website has been optimized and is completely ready for content creation.

Site content production training

General content format Most of those who have not produced content before ask themselves what content to produce? Daily news and information in addition to specialized content or publication of widely used content? Many people's idea of ​​content production is to publish a lot of content throughout the day, but we tell you that this idea is completely wrong. You don't need to produce content every day or publish anything you can think of on the site, if you are a news site, why? Because you can produce your own content. One of the most important points of creating unique content is never to think of copying from other sites because creating duplicate content is not of high value in the eyes of Google and you will not get a high score, so that content will not get a good rank in Google and in It is not visible at all. There is a worse case, if the owner of the source notices the copied content, he can report copyright infringement to Google without your knowledge. And it has bad consequences. So we recommend that you produce your own unique content instead of copying. Another question that we are asked a lot and that concerns the minds of site managers is the classification of the produced content. Many friends ask us what to produce content about! Daily news, for example, currency and gold rates, which are very important these days, and things like that. We recommend that you produce content related to your site. If your field of activity is related to website design, produce items related to website design. From the training of various things to the required materials related to website design. Talk about your expertise as much as you can and avoid talking about irrelevant content because when your site's SEO is good, the words used and their relationship can be recognized by Google, and the more they are related, the higher the site's rank. increases. Irrelevance of the content may sometimes increase the number of visits, but it does not improve the ranking, except for news sites where the structure and implementation of content production are different from normal sites. Overall content structure So, pay attention to publish articles only from the content related to the activity of the site. For the general structure of the content, you can produce your content in the form of text, audio, video files, as well as PDF. To improve the production of content with the mentioned formats, be sure to read key points for producing attractive content. So far, it has been explained what the general format of your content should include. We concluded that it should be completely related to the expertise and topic of the site. Now how to choose the content structure. The structure of content on sites is separated by categories, categories are the cornerstone of your site and every published article must be placed in a category. How to choose the right category? First of all, you should know what topics you want to write about, for example, if you are a website design company, you definitely have a lot to say about website design, SEO, online store design, etc. We choose the basis. But why choose the most important words to categorize? As mentioned, categories are the cornerstone of your content, but why? Keywords such as website design or important words of your expertise are words that are not easily ranked in Google, and we must use a work method so that these pages become valuable over time and gain a good position in Google. Posts published for categories help your cornerstone become valuable over time and lead to the first position in Google. Of course, publishing content alone is not effective, but the things that will be said make the foundation of your categories, otherwise it will not be effective. So pay attention to choose the important and general words of your work for the categories. The beginning of content production To create content, many topics can be considered and published. To start creating content, don't try to create content that has been published a lot because your content will not get a good rating. For example, if you are a web designer and you have your own website. You have launched and using Itroz training, you chose the category of website design. The beginning of your content should not be "website design in Tehran" or similar content, because due to the publication of many content in this field, your content has a good position in the keyword of design. The site will not earn in Tehran. To start content production, we suggest you a method that can be a good way to start. First of all, choose your topic, for example, website design in Tehran, now type your desired word through a private browser (incognito Browser & Private Browser) in Google enter After that, at the bottom of the Google page, you will be offered some things, you can get help from them in choosing the topic, because they are topics that have been searched by users, and there are fewer results related to keywords with more results, and this is why the chances are higher. You will get more good position. Topic selection Another thing that you should pay attention to when creating content is choosing a topic. Choosing the topic can be profitable for you or not, for example, producing the article "choosing the right camera" is a very general topic and does not have a great chance of getting good results in Google because the word camera includes CCTV, crime recording camera, camera Hunting and... It is possible and those who search for their needs on Google present them in detail, for example "choosing the right hunting camera", publishing this article can bring more and more relevant users to your site, but if you intend to sell this product, choose This issue does not direct users who intend to buy to the site, but those who are interested in hunting cameras can also view this article, so this article is not just an income-generating article and can be used to increase site visits. But if the topic is "buying a hunting camera at a reasonable price", many people who intend to buy a hunting camera will visit your site. Therefore, note that choosing the topic for an article is very important and be sure to pay attention to the mentioned items when choosing it. The theme of the site has a great impact on your position in Google, so be very careful when choosing the theme. The closer the content of your site is to the first page of Google, the better the new content will be ranked over time. For example, if you publish 20 articles that are on the second or first page of Google, article 21 will get a better position, for example, on the first page of Google, but if you have 20 articles that are not ranked, your article 21 will be on pages 3 and up. took Therefore, pay a lot of attention to the topic of your article. And be sure to follow the next points that will be said. text production Text production after the topic is one of the most important things in content production. In the first paragraph of your text, use the keywords used in the topic because the first paragraph is very important for Google. Do not try to use too many keywords in the text, but the most important part is to use keywords in the first paragraph and then refer to them in other parts of the text. In the text, use the H1, H2, H3 tags that are in the WordPress text box called Title 1, Title 2, etc., which are the same tags as H1, H2.. The H1 tag is used once for the main topic and the important tags It is used in H2 and its subset H3 and then start your paragraph. Linking in the text Linking in the text is one of the most important aspects of content creation. Be careful, with internal linking, your site becomes like a spider's web, and this causes other pages of the site to be visited and its ranking improved. So don't forget the internal linking of the site. For content creation, Google considers 1,500 characters very well and says that content that is more than 1,500 characters is comprehensive and complete content related to that topic, so it will give a high score to this content. If you use WordPress to create content, at the end of the text box The number of words is displayed and you can see how many characters your text has. Another thing that you need to use in your content is images, audio files and videos, which make the user more attractive and stay on the site, and this is a positive point for you. Additional content creation All the requirements of content production have been mentioned and you can get the best results in Google if the site is optimized by following the above, but a few additional points are how to produce content. The use of description meta tags and keywords and the selection of the main image, which is called the index image in WordPress, are two things that can be used if your site is optimized or SEO, of course, there are other things. It is activated by an SEO expert for your site, and you only need to complete the meta tag section of the article description using words related to the topic in about 150 characters. Also, choosing the keyword metatag that uses the most important words of the site. I hope you have answered many of your questions by publishing this article. You can share your comments and questions with us through the section below.

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