Key points of creating attractive content

Key points of creating attractive content

Key tips for creating attractive content to increase site SEO 8 key tips for creating attractive content Stay with Itroz

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Key tips for creating attractive content to increase SEO 8 key tips for creating attractive content with Itroz ;Be together

Key points of creating attractive content

Use attractive images

Share the behind the scenes of your brand with your audience and customers. Consider a human face for your brand. Display the production steps of your products. They pay attention.

Use inspirational quotes

Use the writing style and font specific to your brand in writing the quotes you want. Images with inspirational quotes written on them have a lot of ability to be shared on all social networks. Using quotes to express brand values

Inviting customers to take practical action

Seventy percent of businesses are weak in inviting their customers and audiences to take action. Make visitors enter your site by using attractive and unique images to draw customers' attention to your products.

Engrave the brand on images

Use images that are in line with your brand values ​​and effectively help in increasing the sales of your products. By using attractive colors, you can display the values ​​and image of your brand and in this way attract the attention of the audience. Using attractive and detailed images with attractive colors on which your brand is engraved can increase the number of your visitors by 67%.

Attractive visualization of available information and data

You can display the value of your brand by designing images of information and data and presenting it to the audience. 40% of people react better to statistics and visual information and understand them better. Visualization of information in the form of drawing maps, diagrams, charts and graphs. By using this method, you can present important information and statistics to the audience very quickly and easily.

Ask questions that stimulate the mind

By raising challenging questions among your customers, you can start a heated discussion among them and engage them in the topic of content production. Creating content by asking challenging questions from customers causes the wall between businesses and customers to collapse.

Proposing tips, tricks and educational topics

The educational content of your production can be a recipe for a certain food, useful tips for a better life or anything else useful. Use visual content to attract the attention of the audience and encourage them to share the said content. Teach your customers interesting and new ways to use your products by publishing attractive and useful content, introduce your brand as a wise and intelligent brand and impress your audience in this way.


Infographics are shared three times more than other visual content in the world. Infographics provide a considerable amount of information to the audience and make it easy for the audience to understand the available information. Businesses that use infographics are 12% more profitable than those that don't use infographics.

source» Itroz Blog

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