Increasing online store sales through CUR

Increasing online store sales through CUR

Increasing online store sales through cur is a way to keep loyal customers and increase loyal customers. Through the CUR program of Internet marketing of

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Increasing online store sales through cur is a way to keep loyal customers and increase loyal customers. Through the CUR program, promote your store's internet marketing along with the content provided by Iteros Digital Agency .

In this article, we want to talk about the increase in online store sales . As a store owner in e-commerce, most of the goals are to increase sales, which are concentrated in different businesses. As an online business owner, you have considered plans for selling so that you can attract customers, one of these plans is site optimization or website SEO . Another plan is to use paid advertising to increase sales and attract new customers, which is called digital marketing . The mentioned methods are effective for attracting new customers, but what about existing customers?

A five percent increase in loyal customers can increase the average profit per customer by twenty five percent to one hundred percent.

Research shows that returning or loyal customers are more valuable than first-time buyers. Therefore, a surefire way to increase sales is to convert a first-time buyer into a loyal customer!

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Consumer Psychology or Consumer Psychology

Now, converting buyers into returning customers is not as easy as it sounds. Buyers do not automatically become buyers. You have to give them incentives or encourage them to come back. Member programs and consumer psychology can help a lot in making this happen.

Companies that implemented their sales policies with the approach of membership programs and consumer psychology achieved interesting results and increased online store sales. According to statistics from the analysis of several stores with the above approach, it was determined:

Forty percent of customers said they used the membership program only to access and sell information on products and services.

Why membership programs are important

Beat the competition: Membership programs that offer members-only discounts or offers discourage customers from considering different options when shopping. Your competition with others is instantly eliminated because buyers know they are getting "special" offers.

Ensure return visits: reward system or points are forced to encourage customers to return. This is a win-win situation. Shoppers know they have something to gain by collecting loyalty points. Store owners immediately see an increase in sales.

Increase Average Order Value: Package is a great way to increase order value. And when you offer a discount package, you should know that this package is only for members and does not apply to those who do not have membership.

Increase Branding: You may have heard a lot of people telling each other about airline company discounts, because by implementing the member program, customers are your promoters and they talk about you to others, and this provides the opportunity for new registrations. will be More people who are referred to the site by incentives have high confidence in your store.

Increasing online store sales through CUR

CUR stands for Create User Roll, also known as CUR to increase online store sales. As mentioned above, the focus of the member program is on customer membership and special offers for them, so that not only customers become loyal customers, but customers themselves become marketing and advertising levers for your store. If you are interested in using this method, you will definitely ask how this method is possible? We offer you a quick three-step solution to get you started.

Create a user role

By default, the customer role is created for buyers in stores. Since the customer role is used for all customers, you should create an additional role for "members", which benefits from special discounts on products.

There are two ways to do this, one is to program the role or two (the method we recommend for non-programmers) is to use the User Role Editor plugin to create a new user role. To use the introduced plugin, click on it and download the plugin. Then go to the control panel of your site and enter the plugins section from the side menu and click on add from the top of the page. Then select and upload the downloaded file.

Create pricing

After setting levels for users and creating special levels, you need to create pricing to set special discounts for your members. All stores, including WooCommerce, offer the sale price option. But again, this is for all your buyers.

Now, as always, there are two approaches you can use, one is a developer approach and two are non-developer approaches or using plugins. Since you are not a developer, we know a solution that is very useful to use. To create pricing, you need to install and use the WooCommerce Customer Specific Pricing plugin . With the Customer Specification Pricing plugin, you can set different prices for different roles. So, for a product, you can assign a special role to your members.

Special pricing for members

The customer pricing plugin provides you with three options for pricing members. The easiest way to set the price for each product is by using individual product settings. All you have to do is select the user role and set the price for the product.

Special pricing for members

Another method is to use the import option, to determine the price of several products at the same time. But the fastest way and the method that gives you the most control is to use the Pricing Manager functionality. It provides an intuitive user interface to set prices for multiple users simultaneously, for multiple products with ease.

Special pricing for members

In this way, you can create different prices for each product and offer them to specific users. Please share your thoughts and experiences with us through the comments section.

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