The difference in the price of website design and online store

The difference in the price of website design and online store

Investigating the difference in the price of design and online store design and what are the reasons for the difference in the price of website design and

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Investigating the difference in the price of design and online store design and what are the reasons for the difference in the price of website design and online store design.

Types of website design

Before checking site design price, I should check the best types of sites. Websites available in the market today static site design and Dynamic is that a site designer can design that site according to your wishes. In the implementation of both types, knowledge of coding and programming is needed, which unfortunately is less common in most website designers, and they try to use ready-made facilities such as CMS and templates The site is ready. It is good to use ready-made CMS and templates, but only on the condition that the website designer has learned the science of coding and programming well so that he can optimize that CMS or template according to the client's wishes. The less the designer's knowledge, the more ready-made plugins are used and he tries to make the smallest changes through plugins.

Difference in website design price

One of the main reasons for the price difference in website design is the implementation of the website as mentioned above. Now, you may be wondering what effect the use of ready-made features such as plugins and templates has on the site?

Ready site templates

The companies that design ready-made templates and present them to the market aim to sell that template widely, so they try to design the template as completely as possible and provide many features to the user. The meaning of many features can be multi-design template, header, footer, features or not, such as multi-columns, ads, gallery, video and many other features. Why is that template not useful when there are many site features in ready-made templates? Suppose the header of your ready template changes to three modes and its shape changes in each mode. After changing the shape, you can move and change the logo, posts, social networks, contact number, etc. in each mode. give For these changes, more codes should be written, more loops should be used in site design, now let's assume that in most parts of the site, these changes are placed for the convenience of the user, but ordinary users or even many site designers Amateurs, whose number is not small in the market, are not aware of the fact that the more the site's features increase, the more coding and programming it takes, and it has a great impact on the speed of the site and the creation of bugs on the site. In many cases, you don't need many of the facilities that are available in ready-made templates, and in most cases, an amateur website designer who does not have enough knowledge at his disposal, unfortunately, cannot lighten or optimize that template for you. They turn to ready plugins.

Is it good or bad to use ready-made plugins?

As explained above, some designers and people who do not have knowledge of website design use ready-made plugins due to convenience and lack of knowledge, but this is not the case in all cases. In some limited cases, the presence of some plugins is necessary. Too many plugins and relying on plugins to do everything is very harmful for the site, especially if your site template is ready.

Using a ready-made site template and plugin

As mentioned above, using the ready-made template adds many codes and programming loops to the site, many of which are not useful for you and only slows down the site, but each plugin has its own scripts. When a plugin is added to the site, those scripts are also added to the template, so the more plugins you use, the slower the site becomes, which is one of the important factors in site optimization or SEO.

Why site speed is important

In SEO site speed is very important if you have read the above carefully, you can guess the reason. Optimizing the site or SEO without using fraudulent methods, which in some cases works in the short term, but is very dangerous because it causes your site to be blocked by search engines, but it is the method that most SEOs use because the use of methods SEO fraud does not require SEO knowledge and because SEO does not have enough knowledge, it does not have the necessary awareness of the consequences of its work, and unfortunately the employer's site is blocked and can no longer be used because Google is very strict in cheating. Most of those who use a ready-made template install optimization plugins on the template to stylize the template, which in some cases decreases the speed somewhat and in some cases increases because some templates are suitable for some Plugins are not optimized. To reduce the speed of the site, it is necessary to check the scripts, coding and programming of the site, and an SEO should have sufficient mastery of all these things in the first place. The things that have been said are among the basic needs of website design, if the website designer or SEO work does not have enough knowledge, not only your website will not experience a growing trend, but on the contrary, you will be blocked or get a negative score from Google. Keep in mind that site SEO is not only about the speed of the site, and in this article, a part of it was mentioned, which was in the interest and relevance of the article.

The difference in the price of website design and online store

Some of the differences were mentioned above, but the main difference between the price of website design and online store comes down to two main factors: 1- The knowledge of the website designer, 2- How to implement the website, which is very difficult for the employer to distinguish between the two. . But if we want to talk more about the price difference between website design and online store, here is an example for you of two design trends. We create website and online store. A site is designed by an amateur designer. The ready-to-use template is optimized with various plugins in the best conditions and delivered to the employer. Now we will check what happens during the project. Due to not having enough knowledge, changes in the template are not possible and you have to have that template with all its details. If you have purchased a template, many of its parts, such as multilingualism, etc., are only coding and do not actually work. After the delivery of the project, whether the design is according to your taste or not, the template is pre-designed and you are limited to use it. You are one of its facilities. What happens after receiving the site and final payment? In order to use the site, you must be fully trained on how to work with it, which unfortunately does not happen because with a small cost of design, there is no room left for training. If there is no site design training, your dynamic site is practically a static site and you cannot make changes Apply it. The next problem that arises is after-sales service. In website design, services and support are very important because the website designer and website design company must monitor your website so that if a technical problem occurs, they can fix it. The problems can be caused by the site or the host, which is very important to have the knowledge of hosting and to solve its problems.

The difference in the price of website design and online store

If we want to have a general look at the difference in the price of website design and online store, we should say that designing a successful and efficient website for customer use by one person can be implemented, but it cannot be supported because website design is a team work and It is completely specialized. For each part, experts and specialists should check and do it so that your website design is not only loaded successfully but also has easy support. They want to do all the site design single-handedly, of course, it was said that the site will be delivered in some cases, but in the end, after the new delivery, it shows the problems of the site and the lack of use of its facilities, and because the work is done by The done person is no guarantee of support. To pay the price of designing a website or an online store, pay attention to the features provided, the features of the website, how to carry out the project, the after-sales service and its support, because if you only pay attention to the price, you might think that the cost is small at first. You did it, but basically your money is wasted and cannot be used.

The difference in the price of website design and online store in Itroz

Now we compare the method of doing the project with ourselves. In Itroz, after the consultation of experts, the site template will be designed for you and the template can be changed until you reach your desired result. After the approval of the template, coding and programming will begin, and you can watch the completion of your project online after completion. The project and insertion of content and images is the time to fix possible bugs, and after the final approval by the employer, face-to-face training sessions are held for how the site works, and after the sessions are completed, the website is uploaded to the main domain. After the delivery of the project, your site is guaranteed for one year, which means that if all the information is lost for any reason, it can be returned by Itroz, which has not happened to date, but Itroz guarantees its packages for one year due to its confidence in its work. Since we are trying to create competitive sites, we chose the best hardware and software to improve the quality of your site. Iteros website design support can be tracked through the user portal. At Itroz, experts are used for the design of the online store or website in every part, such as design, coding, programming, SEO, hosting, server, etc., and the support team is ready to provide support services to you dear ones. Of course, two cheap packages have recently been added to the Itrouz shopping cart, which do not have some features of other packages, such as free domain, warranty, SSL, etc., but for people who want cheap website design or cheap store design, and more importantly Those who can use it can use these packages, but in the package comparison section, you can check the differences between the packages. After checking the features of the packages, you will realize the price difference between website design and online store.  

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