Cheap WordPress site design and professional WordPress site design

Cheap WordPress site design and professional WordPress site design

Cheap WordPress site design, buy professional WordPress site design at the lowest price. Specialized services in the digital agency Itroz are with you to b

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Cheap WordPress site design, buy professional WordPress site design at the lowest price. Specialized services in Iteros Digital Agency.

WordPress site design

We start the article with WordPress site design. Today, most of the websites use the powerful WordPress content management system platform all over the world, and this is why WordPress gives its users a lot of possibilities. Many people use this CMS.

WordPress ranking in the world

Currently, 20 million websites use the WordPress content management system, which is 15 million different from its competitor Joomla, which means that after WordPress, Joomla ranks second in content management systems with 5 million websites in the world. Compared to WordPress, it is very different and this shows the popularity of WordPress in the world.

Cheap WordPress site design

We provide many services in the field of WordPress at different prices, from cheap WordPress site design to professional WordPress site design, the price of each of these plans is different according to the time spent, but since the WordPress content management system is a The content management system is free, with a small cost, you can set up many facilities to understand this issue, I think it is necessary to provide more explanations.

Why WordPress site design?

As you know, WordPress is a dynamic website , which means that you can change and manage various components of the website , create new pages, menus, slides, images, or Edit or delete.

This action is possible only by having a dynamic website, but if you have a static website , the website designer must change different parts of the website, so it can be said that dynamic websites have the power to manage the website and develop it. It allows you to easily add new content, new products and new services to the website.

Advantage of WordPress

In static websites, only the site template is designed, but in dynamic websites, there is a control panel through which you can manage your website and this process is done through programming. For more information, you can read the difference between static and dynamic website design .

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Now suppose you want to have a website that only publishes content with the title and text of that content, so the management panel should be programmed according to your needs, which is to publish the text with the title and all the sections are coded line by line. Be written and programmed. To do such a simple task, you have to spend a lot of money.

This is because the programmer programs your website from scratch, exactly what was done 15 years ago and before the advent of content management systems, customers had to pay a lot of money to design dynamic websites because the management panel The website had to be written from scratch, but how WordPress made it easy.

The strength of WordPress

When we say content management system in a colloquial way, it means a management panel with pre-built features in this content management system, there is no need to program the management panel and its other parts are already prepared.

The WordPress content management system is supported by programmers all over the world and the latest versions are provided day by day, so WordPress gives you this assurance that this content management system is always up-to-date and fixes its security bugs. build and develop according to the world's programming is one of the strong points of this content management system. For this reason, WordPress can greatly reduce the cost of website design.

Price difference in WordPress site design

Cheap WordPress website design depends on what factors. There are websites that use WordPress content management system, but their cost is very high and some websites are very low. We want to explain these differences to you.

One of the factors of the cheapness of WordPress website design is the use of WordPress site templates, templates that are already designed and do not need to be redesigned, and only the WordPress content management system is loaded on the host and the template is installed on it. Finally, the content And the desired images are added to it, all the steps can be done in a short time.

Cheap website design price

One of the services that Iteroz provides is cheap WordPress website design , which you can set up your website in a short period of time and at a low cost.

Due to the importance of virtual space and easy access for users, we believe that every business with any budget should be able to have its own website, so we have considered a cheap WordPress website design plan with more than 100 of the world's best templates for all trades. We want every business to be able to set up its own website at a low cost.

Custom website design price

One step higher than cheap website design is WordPress site customization or custom WordPress site design. In this plan, the website template is personalized, which means that your organization's color is used in different parts of the site. Different parts are changed according to your taste or parts are added to it.

Exclusive website design price

The next plan or the last plan is the exclusive website design , which means that the website template is designed only for your business or the plugins are programmed according to your needs. The difference between exclusive design and custom design is that in The exclusive design of the codes is written according to your needs, but in the custom design, the codes are written in advance, and the template designers have more features to sell more templates and that the templates attract everyone's opinion and all tastes, such as designing different models. The header of different footer models is added to it, this causes the use of many codes and plays a big role in the speed of the site, but in the design of a dedicated site, the codes are less, that's why the speed of the website increases.

Other related content:

You may have seen that two websites use the WordPress content management system, but one of them loads slowly and the other one quickly, and we have explained the reason above. Therefore, the difference in WordPress website design costs is related to its format and its features and determines the main cost. You can talk to our experts to estimate the cost.

Cheap WordPress site design

Finally, if you want to have a cheap and beautiful website, visit the templates section of the site, where there are more than 100 professional and beautiful templates, those templates are in English, and after ordering, they will be Persianized for you, and you will get information and pictures. And your work replaces the current content and images.

By ordering a cheap WordPress site design, you can receive a completed website with your information and images in a short period of time.


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