How correct is it to buy a cheap site?

How correct is it to buy a cheap site?

Is it true to buy a cheap site? Is it possible to have a professional but cheap website? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a cheap site?

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Is it true to buy a cheap website? Is it possible to have a professional but cheap website? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a cheap site? With Itroz I check all the advantages and benefits of buying a cheap site. Buying a cheap site has different meanings, but in general, you should pay attention to how cheap it is to buy a cheap site.

What is cheap site buying?

Buying or designing a cheap website means buying limited facilities with a low profit margin. It is called a cheap website. In this method, the main profit depends on the sale of a large number of sites. In the following, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this method

Site purchase at first glance

Take a long-term view when buying a website because website design and launch is just the beginning, and support and services are the first words in buying a website. So pay attention to the following points.

Disadvantages of buying a cheap site

Use of low-quality facilities: One of the most important things in buying a website can be mentioned the hosting. The host is one of the important factors for a site because it stays like a home in our lives. The more quality your house is made of, the more durable it will be and the less trouble you will have. If the main equipment of the house is not of high quality, you have to accept repairmen every day, it includes time and cost for you, and this also applies in relation to security. An unsafe house is a place for thieves, addicts, etc. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the hosting because even if your website is excellent, it will cause problems. Even if you spend a lot of money to design and buy a site, but the selected host is not suitable, you will be associated with many problems and in some cases irreparable. Host sizes or hosting qualities: In some cases, to mislead the customer's mentality and make the website design package stand out, the hosting sizes are considered very high. One gig - two gigs. At first sight, the customer is attracted by the hosting volumes, but with a little research in the web hosting service companies, you will realize that quality hosting has different costs, and the only hosting costs are several times the cost of the whole package. Despite the importance of hosting for your website, get more information about the quality of hosting and reputable hosting service companies. Do not get into trouble after receiving the site. If you are looking for complete information in the field of hosting, read what hosting is and choosing the right hosting.  Inexperience and lack of knowledge: one of the most important principles in providing not so good services. In some cases, newbies try to design a cheap website at any cost to attract customers and find a market. But unfortunately, in order to gain experience, customers are victims of the inexperience of these people and lose money.

Is it true to buy a cheap site?

Defects in the use of facilities: In some cheap sites, all items are sacrificed. As mentioned above, the use of low-quality facilities, as well as the use of cheap hosts with high volumes, which can blow away all costs, along with the difficulty in using the facilities, is another disadvantage of buying a cheap site. The strategy of these people to design a cheap website will make them either sacrifice quality or cheapness will make the website work with problems. Inaccuracy in the design: the cheap price of the site causes insufficient accuracy in the design of the site. Website design like hosting is one of the important factors, especially the design of the front page of the website because it is the showcase of your work. And important factors can play a role in a good and user-friendly design, and if all these points are followed, your brand will be a brand with special characteristics in the eyes of the customer, or it will create a negative view in the customer's mind without considering the points in the design. to be One of the most important points is the customer's view of your brand, so it is recommended to respect your brand and your business so that others will respect it. Lack of expertise: Nowadays, a website can be designed in various ways or by taking website design courses, but is it enough to just load the website for the customer? Since websites need support and development, and this is specialized and includes experience, it makes the work different.

Advantages of buying a cheap site

Paying as much as you need: In the above statements, the difference in prices has a direct relationship with quality. But one of the advantages of buying a cheap site, considering the quality, can be directly related to reducing the cost of the site. We will explain further in this regard. If you have referred to the price comparison of Webrouz tariffs, it says that our packages include cheap website design, average website design, good and excellent website design. Now we want to discuss the difference between cheap and modern website design.  Expert view: We focus only on website design and website development to provide high quality services. Therefore, we try to provide special services to our customers. Website design packages: All packages, from cheap to excellent, are of good quality, and the difference between the packages is in the features of that package. One of the unique and popular services is upgrading cheap packages to higher packages, and you only pay for the difference. During the year, the packages are updated and we will always be with you. Package template design: All package templates are exclusive and according to your needs, exclusive design is done for you. If the package is upgraded, the features of the higher package will be added to the site along with the initial template design. Use of reputable hosts: We do not provide exclusive hosting to focus on providing website design services, and we cooperate with reputable companies in the field of hosting. All web packages are hosted on Iranhost hosting, most of the reliable Persian sites such as Aparat, Central Bank, Mihen Blog, etc. use Iranhost services. Our approach is specialized and we try to provide the best quality in all packages. View hosting plans

Is it true to buy a cheap site?

Face-to-face training and channels: All Weburoz packages include face-to-face training of the management panel and all the steps to use the website will be taught to the relevant person. You can even view the tutorials online at any time through the Webroz site. Finally, we can support and maintain your website for an agreed fee. After-sales service: Since the main part of buying a site is after-sales service and its support, we provide excellent services in all packages. Conclusion: Don't be superficial when buying a site and don't pay attention to just buying it, but pay attention to the quality and after-sales services and how to provide these services so that the expenses incurred are not spent in vain. Website design is specialized and requires the support and advice of experts.

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