What are the characteristics of remote workers?

What are the characteristics of remote workers?

Do you want to know what are the characteristics of remote workers? For which people is remote work suitable and who can do remote work better? To answer t

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Do you want to know what are the characteristics of remote workers? For which people is remote work suitable and who can do remote work better? To answer these questions, what are the characteristics of remote workers? Be Iteroz's digital agency .

What are the characteristics of remote workers?

Examining the characteristics of remote workers by research and analysis of different companies. A 2019 study by Harvard Business School found that companies that allowed their employees to telecommute were more productive than similar companies that did not allow their employees to telecommute, adding $1.3 billion to the US economy annually. make a profit

Research shows that allowing people to telecommute and enable remote communication results in greater savings and increased employee retention.

According to another research by Cisco, it is estimated that 900 million people and almost a quarter of the world's workforce can perform their duties through remote work, but how some of these people can work remotely and some fail. ?

People who are interested in teleworking should pay attention not to telework if they do not have the necessary features, because teleworking people are fully capable, self-reliant and aware of the issues and can do anything. Because when you are not present at the workplace, you cannot refer to the relevant official frequently, you cannot raise your questions repeatedly, so if you are one of those people who depend on your workplace, it is a good option for not you

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People who are suitable for remote work are those who need less direct supervision and define their own priorities and can manage and solve problems. If you do not have these characteristics, read the rest of the article more carefully.

One of the characteristics of a remote worker is that he can solve his own problems without asking for help, he tries to solve problems, so the first step is to be honest with yourself and try to cultivate this spirit in yourself and ask yourself honestly. Do you want to master the ability to solve problems?

The ability to manage time is essential for success in telecommuting. Since in teleworking someone controls you and does not know when you left work for lunch, when you spent time on social networks, you need to be the master of your time to perform activities. If you are an employee who has a problem in managing your time in the office, this problem increases when working remotely.

What are the characteristics of remote workers?

For remote work, learn the necessary skills to use remote work software so that you have the necessary knowledge before you want to work remotely. If you don't have information in this field, you can consult trainings, books and how to work remotely through colleagues who are very organized, so that you can improve your organizational skills and be successful in remote working as a person.

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According to research conducted by Cisco and a psychological research company called Pearn Kandola, the most successful people in teleworking are extroverts. This research may surprise you, but the reason for this is that extroverts can handle human relationships easily. but in introverts it is the opposite.

Remote workers are sensitive to details and pay great attention to understanding different things, so they can often do things without the help of colleagues and without direct supervision.

Another feature of telecommuters is their independence. Ask yourself this question. When you face a problem, do you call your colleagues or do you try to solve the problem yourself? A telecommuter must be highly independent and able to solve problems without immediate help from others. So if you lack the qualities of remote workers, try to acquire them. In the rest of the article, I will introduce you to telecommuting so that you can finally make the right decision both as an employee and as an employer.

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