Two-factor authentication is hacked

Two-factor authentication is hacked

SMS-based two-step authentication can also be hacked. Big risk for bank accounts, social networks and all accounts that use it

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SMS-based two-step authentication can also be hacked. The big risk for bank accounts, social networks and all the accounts that use it is to know that two-step authentication is hacked. To know how to prevent it and more explanations about how to hack two-step authentication with the Academy be iteroz

Today, two-step authentication is used in many systems, for example, in social networks, such as the most widely used ones, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, as well as banking systems. Many people believe that by using two-step authentication their user account is very safe and will not be hacked, but this is a very wrong idea and more than any other two-step authentication method is vulnerable.

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Two-step authentication is a response to improving password security, which is commonly used in social networks. But other services also use this mechanism, such as Iran's banking system, which encourages users to use it through the OPT one-time SMS sending system that expires after a short period of time to improve the security of their account. Some people believe that this system cannot be penetrated, but we must warn that this system can be hacked and penetrated and can cause irreparable damage.

Two-step authentication hack

We want to explain about two-step authentication hacking and how to prevent it. Today, offline services are very common and SIM card replacement is one of the normal services of telephone operators. Hackers often target the victim's financial goals through SIM card switching attacks, which is not an easy process.

For example, Bitcoin investor Michael Turpin lost his account for 1,500 bitcoins after a SIM card exchange attack, and in another attack, journalist Matthew Miller was able to stop hackers before they converted $25,000 from his account to bitcoins. take

If you are a victim of SIM card switching attacks, immediately deactivate your SIM card through the operators' offline services.

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