About us

Why choose itroz

About us :

The ide tejarat roz with the trade mark "Itruz" has a two-star trust in the e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and the official license issued by the Ministry of Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2017.

Perspective :

itroz, using the ideas of the day, Draw a web-based service for advice and execution for our customers.

Message from management :

In the future, social media has replaced the mass media, which is why this brings a dramatic change in the way of doing business. This intermediary introduces services and products in the age of communication with the use of internet required for the use of online online business practices.

Nasrallah Emad Mostofi
(Chairman and CEO)

Why choose itroz ?

Online communication and presence
itroz, plans are being developed to communicate with customers both inside and outside the country. Ask questions before buying to hold multi-personal consulting sessions, online and in person.
Easy process completion of the project
You can view the completion of the project from the start to the end online, and it will accompany you to the final completion before the after sale service.
Full training on site usage
Admin training sessions are organized by online specialist and in person. You can also use the test management panel for up to a month.
Powerful after sales service
Through the portal, you can view, update and service your orders online and support the request.
Security and speed

Security and speed

Security and high speed in producing softwares that are suitable for websites.



It uses high tech and up to date knowledge for the implementation of the projects.



The source of the site would be guaranteed for one year even after the project is ended.



To provide technical support, renew services and to give technical support requests.